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David McNamee


Mates of State

Mates of State have had the surprise indie hit of the summer with the re-release of their 2000 debut album , 'My Solo Project'. David McNamee chats to husband-and-wife team , Kori Gardner and Jason Hammell, about dream analysis and computer games

Lisa Germano
Cabaret Voltaire

Former 4AD star Lisa Germano has not released an album for the last five years, but is now back with a new record 'Lullaby for Liquid Pig' and also 'Best of' and rarities compilations. David McNamee talks to her about her comeback
One of the most important bands of the late 70's, Cabaret Voltaire were a massive influence on both Joy Division and Nine Inch Nails with their unique brand of electro punk. Guitarist Richard H. Kirk talks to David McNamee about their unique legacy
Psychedelia act Oneida have just put out their fourth album, 'Each One Teach One' on CD, having initially given it a vinyl release only. David McNamee speaks to frontman, Fat Bobby, about the album

Kawabata Makoto

Frontman and guitarist with the extraordinaary psychedelic Japanese group, the Acid Mother's Temple, Kawabata Makoto has just released a solo album 'Infinite Love'. He speaks to David McNamee about it and his focus on music
Fomer Melody Maker journalist, and the man who brought grunge and Nirvana to Britain, Everett True has recently started a new magazine 'Careless Talk Cost Lives'. David McNamee chats to him about its spectacular first edition.
While the music press continues to go ga ga over the style-mag punk of the Strokes, or the faux-blues howl of the White Stripes, our homegrown resident indie sensations Hefner have only gone and quietly snuck out the album of the year. Following on from t
“This song’s about waking up every morning in a shit situation and not being able to do a single fucking thing about it.” Emma Fox is literally choking with disgust. Full of flu and struggling purpose

Six By Seven

The hordes started queuing up hours ago. Teenage girls are clustering around the tourbuses and every entrance and exit. After all, tonight’s entertainment is the band whose aftershow buffet includes c
Despite an initial yearning to become a weatherman - he used to make tapes of his own weather reports and give them to friends and family – Mike Patton formed his first group, Mr Bungle, while still
Ash! You thought they were dead, right? Killed by rogue gangs of half-human half-goth Nine Inch Nails fans after the Lost Weekend debacle. Wrong! They’re back, and this time they’ve got wings. ‘Free A


Trembling Blue Stars

Michael J. Sheehy

The Trembling Blue Stars are about to consolidate their position "as The Great Nineties Pop Band That Never Happened’ with a Best Of or Greatest Near-Hits. David McNamee looks back over their career and finds an odd resemblance in it to Kylie Minogue's
Former Dream City Film Club frontman Michael J. Sheehy recently returned with a second solo record, 'No Longer My Concern'. David McNamee profiles his career to date, and the confessional new record

Fred Frith
Sex Pistols

One of the leading avant garde composers, Fred Frith has recently re-released two CDs, 'Gravity' and "Accidental'. David McNamee profiles them both.
David McNamee finds himself smitten with three beautifully packaged CDs from the Chicago electronic label, Ampersand, and tells why overnight it has become his new favourite label
It has been nearly twenty five years since Kraftwerk released 'The Man Machine.' With German electronica still as popular now, David McNamee examines its status now, particulary with regard to recent releases by Station 17+ and by the Staubgold label.
By the mid-seventies the establishment had managed to alienate its own white youth. It didn’t have to try hard to alienate me since I was a first generation British born black of Jamaican descent and already well pissed off. The popular music of the time


Paper Chase
Pastel Vespa

Uneasy, abrasive, but spectacular debut offering from the much acclaimed Paper Chase, released originally in 2000, but now available in Europe for the first time
Camp cover versions of hits by the likes of the Sex Pistols, Thin Lizzy, Chumbawamba, and Alanis Morrissette all done in sunny pop style by girl chanteuse, Pastel Vespa
Unnerving first album in ten years from New York's pioneers of electro punk, Suicide
Vicious, violent electronica on new mini album from Ohia group signed to the Fat Cat label

Coph Nia

"Hip hop from the edge" from Dalek, who initially "cut their teeth on collaborations with the likes of Techno Animal and Kid606
Oddly "pretty" new EP from Sweden's latest Death Metal export
"Wired" slow-burning guitar pop from American sextet, Fiver, which has been produced by Jason Lytle from Grandaddy
"Shiny" and "new", but not totally convincing remixing of legendary Kraut rockers Faust's last album 'Ravvivando' by electronica boffins including Surgeon, Gel and the Residents

Cerberus Shoal
Printed Circuit
Abaddon Incarnate
90 Degrees South

Decidely scary "Eastern European Yiddish folk jazz" on two discs on the Temporary Residence label
"Skilled", but unfortunately poorly recorded album of bedroom electronica remixes from London based solo artist
Unpleasant Black Metal from tasteless Swedish group
"Gorgeous bedroom electronica" in incredible packaging and with an emphasis on travel and escape from acclaimed Cheltenham-based post-rock group, 90 Degrees South

Big Eyes

Dark third album by Leeds/Sheffield ensemble who sound like "an Eastern European Dirty Three"
Third album from increasingly respected "spacey instrumental drone rock" Norwegian group Salvatore, whose next album will be produced by John McEntire from Tortoise
Silly, but entertaining second album from French Death metal band, Scarve
Patchy offfering from Detroit spacerock group, Fuxa, which features appearances on some tarcks by ex Spacemen 3 member, Sonic Boom

Bugs Eat Books

"Slightly creepy, very Australian, melange of underwater atmospherics and brain-scrambling time signatures" from Sydney based trio.
Contradictory and colourful new album from increasingly acclaimed Japanese solo artist who sounds like he is catching "the first and fastest bullet train out of neo-Tokyo."
New EP of "gorgeous pop songs with jagged edges" from "unassuming" group from Athens, Georgia
"Fairly pointless muso meanderings into TV soundtrack territory" from Xian Hawkin aka Sybarite who has since its recording signed to the 4AD label.

Carpet Musics
Techno Animal
Portrait Of David

Minimal and experimental "semi-organic sprawl" from the perfectly named Carpet Music.
Impressive second offering from paranoiac, but powerful hip-hop metal act.
Debut album from Norwegian act whose "music is so ‘still’ we can practically hear it crystallizing" and who have created "a serene if somewhat unsettling musical landscape."
The band that Britpop forgot. It’s taken nearly five years for 4AD to drive the accustomed ‘best of’ tombstone into the grave of Lush. Conceived amidst the late eighties confusion (somewhere between J

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