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Fuxa - The Modified Mechanics Of This

  by David McNamee

published: 11 / 3 / 2002

Fuxa - The Modified Mechanics Of This
Label: Antenna
Format: CD


Patchy offfering from Detroit spacerock group, Fuxa, which features appearances on some tarcks by ex Spacemen 3 member, Sonic Boom

The one thing I never ever liked about Spacemen 3 and Spectrum was the unbearable ‘hippyness’ of the music that Sonic Boom frequently brought to the mix. In my mind Boom should always have been sharper, more wild-eyed, less lackadaisical and more up for a bitchfight with Jason Pierce. This translates a little better in his contributions to the latest Fuxa album, but he still renders Suicide’s ‘Girl’ into a near-pastoral stroll through Central Park when the tone should be nearer to ‘Down In The Park’. The best moments on this album are the ones that sound like they’ve been conceived using X-Ray equipment, dentists drills and a cupboard full of pharmaceuticals. Founder member Randall Nieman is credited with ‘unexplained transmissions’, which are presumably the bits where you feel like your head has been retuned to accept satellite signals and are definitely a good thing.

Track Listing:-
1 Girl (radio edit)
2 Opel
3 Kids Toy
4 Sitar / Tone
5 Bowie Beat
6 Bzzz (extended mix)
7 Willow Run
8 Run
9 Construction
10 Whiskaz
11 Kid Bits
12 Sky High
13 3rd Abductions
14 What If A Taxpayer Died

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