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Carpet Musics - Weekday

  by David McNamee

published: 11 / 2 / 2002

Carpet Musics - Weekday
Label: Audio Dregs
Format: CD


Minimal and experimental "semi-organic sprawl" from the perfectly named Carpet Music.

Carpet Music is the best band name I have ever heard, precisely because for once – and I can’t think of any better examples than this, other than, perhaps, Turd – it is a name which completely, utterly describes its music. Ok, it’s Carpet Music then, we can all go home. But what Carpet Music is exactly is a sort of semi-organic sprawl that bleeds out from under you, curling off into little spirals, motifs, delicate little patterns, and sounding generally like fractals brought to life. The non-musical involvement is ultra-minimal; no logos, no pictures of the band (it’s a duo, I understand) and song titles are only grudgingly included on the sleeve art,almost as an after thought.'Weekday' is an album that gives priority to texture over identity (finally, a band we can believe in!) 'Weekday' is also a great title because this so completely sounds like music to live in. It makes you think of rainy Tuesdays, cups of tea and, more than anything, carpets. Forgive me if it sounds dull, Hives fans, but that is the sound of my life; revamped Swedish Rock n Roll carries little cultural currency in coastal East Yorkshire. It’s minimal, simple, pretty, even. It’s unobtrusive, like a perfect piece of furnishing; it doesn’t shout. It’s not wallpaper music; it’s Carpet Music.

Track Listing:-
1 sleeping (on trains)
2 dawn
3 phone lines
4 bathrobe
5 noon
6 air
7 afternoon
8 carpet
9 floor
10 fashion magazine
11 car
12 hail storm
13 hotel
14 sundown

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