Pennyblackmusic Presents: Heist & Idiot Son + The Volunteered & Simon Bromide

Headlining are Heist with support from Idiot Son , The Volunteered and Simon Bromide
Hosted at the Water Rats London, Saturday 10th September. Doors open 7:30; First band on at 7:45; Admission £10 on the door or £8 in advance from We got Tickets
Located at ....... Click here to view in Goggle Maps We look forward to seeing you on the night. For more information Click here

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Audio Dregs


Carpet Musics (2002)

Minimal and experimental "semi-organic sprawl" from the perfectly named Carpet Music.

Copy (2005)

Mobius Beard
First album from US West Coast electronica act Copy, the moniker for Marius Libium, which proves to be a "worthwhile mish mash of dance music styles"

Copy (2010)

Hard Dream
Terrific combination of pop and techno on third album from Copy, the moniker of Portland, Oregon-based musician and DJ, Marius Libman

Copy (2015)

Chalice Agenda
Excellent fourth album from Portland cult Copy, who have been crafting solid dance music ideas over a decade

Dim Dim (2009)

Excellent sixth album from Brussels-born and now Portugese-based musician and surrealist Dim Dim, whose merging of central-African guitar licks with cartoon film sound snippets, pleases both both body and mind

E*Rock (2011)

The Clock & The Mountain
Joyous and free of thought latest album from Portland, Oregon-based electro artist and Audio Dregs label mastermind E*Rock, which flirst with both garage rock and filthy techno

E*Rock (2013)

The Great Underground Empire
Enjoyable latest album from Portland, Oregon-based electro artist E*Rock, which recorded on vintage synthesisers is the soundtrack to a computer game from his childhood

Global Goon (2004)

Family Glue
Innocent, and gorgeous-sounding "little masterpiece " from former Rephlex signing Global Goon, now on Portland, Oregon label Audio Dregs

Grace Period (2002)

Unsaisfactory "pastiche" from a Boston based trio who have "been so busy nicking Portishead’s atmospherics that they have forgotten to borrow any of their pathos."

Grapefruit (2013)

Lush and cinematic debut album from Portland, Oregon-based synth musician and composer, Grapefruit

Lineland (2003)

"Naive" but durable electronica on debut album from Lineland a.ka. Malcolm Felder, which is "arguably the best Audio Dregs release from 2003"

Lineland (2008)

Logos for Love
Easy-on-the-ear, but tantalizing electro-acoustic ambience on stunning second album from Lineland

Lullatone (2003)

Computer Recital
Sharp PC-friendly electronica debut album from Lullatone, the latest signing to the Audio Dregs label

Lullatone (2007)

Plays Pajama Pop...
Exquisite third album from enigmatic half Japanese, half American group which could be described as chidlren's music for adults

Lullatone (2009)

Songs that Spin in Circles
Calming and enticing electropop on latest album from thoughtful Japanese-American duo, Lullatone

Melodium (2004)

Wonderful and electic new album from Melodium, the moniker for former conservatory pianist Laurent Girard, which can be found "at the crossroads of piano magic and glitsch harmony"

Melodium (2007)

Flacana Flacana
Strongly recommended new album of electronic music from Melodium, the project of ultra-productive French musician Laurent Girard, which is entirely instrumental

Melodium (2008)

Eclectic combination of folk and electronica on latest album fron Nantes musician, Melodium

Melodium (2012)

The Island
Wonderfully evocative latest album recorded in his parents' isolated Bordeaux holiday home from Melodium, the project of French musician and composer Laurent Girard

ROTFLOL (2010)

Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud
Suprisingly elegant combination of archaic computer sounds and game tunes on debut album from ROTFLOL, the moniker for American electronica musician, Jacob Ciocci

Strategy (2008)

Music for Lamping
Sparkling, but sparse ambience on third album from Strategy, the project of Portland, Oregon-based DJ producer Paul Dickow

Yuichiro Fujimoto (2005)

Eerie, atmospheric reflection upon childhood from young Japanese composer Yuichiro Fujimoto, who has recently signed to Portland, Oregon-based electronic label Audio Dregs

Yuichiro Fujimoto (2012)

Speaks Melodies
Impressionistic fourth album from Japanese photographer-turned-musician, Yuichiro Fujimoto


Profile (2003)

Miscellaneous - Profile

The Portland, Oregon label Audio Dregs is one of the most creatively exciting of all current electronica labels. Maarten Schiethart profiles its elusive owner, E*Rock, and Audio Dregs inspiring use of technology



Ambient Not Ambient
Profile Miscellaneous - Profile

With Portland, Oregon label Audio Dregs' new 'Ambient Not Ambient' compilation, Maarten Schiethart finds the set belief that the electronica, folktronica and electro-acoustics movements are in decline to be a total misinterpretation

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