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Yuichiro Fujimoto - Speaks Melodies

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 12 / 10 / 2012

Yuichiro Fujimoto - Speaks Melodies
Label: Audio Dregs
Format: CD


Impressionistic fourth album from Japanese photographer-turned-musician, Yuichiro Fujimoto

Speaks melodies, plays photographs and paints poems in the sky*. The photographer Yuichiro Fujimoto extrapolates impressionistic sounds on his fourth album, 'Speaks Melodies' album. The speechless narrative as it were follows on from imagery that is very striking with sound, yielded from the Urayasu, Japan landscape that Yuichiro Fujimoto lives in, which is near Tokyo's Disneyland by the way. There is a fragile tranquility which at times overcomes the introversion, and changes to a spring-like collage of sounds. These melodies are what we in the West sooner call compositions, as in Musique Concrète. Well, that's one part of the gist of this experimental music, Yuichiro Fujimoto plays snappy but soft-toned Eric Satie type of interludes equally well, whilst other parts of this album consists of urban field recordings. (Very) far from pretentious, rather family friendly, 'Speaks Melodies' might make your cat purr, but now and then, it might it open an eye with a "what was that?" before it then nods off again peacefully. The bright original simplicity compares to pastel colours. Remote traffic noise, the sound of drizzle with the use of genuine and toy instruments come together in a most wonderful fashion on 'Pens Dance Slow'. On 'Street Pray' there's a surprise that I won't give away. The track is set to tingle your imagination whereas the closing 'Morning Recordings' track appears to be Tokyo's answer to 'Ulysses', in fragments, and without spoken word of course. It's not often that a calming effect also leads to a sense of intrigue. Some music gets described as cinematographic, but 'Speaks Melodies' is definitely photographic and both n extraction and a purification at the same time. * A John Peel quote if I'm not mistaken

Track Listing:-
1 A Cup of Melody
2 Hollow Park
3 The Boys
4 Sketches of Views of Smalltown
5 For Favorite Tree
6 Computer Music Made By 8 Years Old Girl
7 Miniature for Organ
8 Atlas He Draw
9 Pens Dance Slow
10 Puddle
11 Street Pray
12 Morning Recording

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Eerie, atmospheric reflection upon childhood from young Japanese composer Yuichiro Fujimoto, who has recently signed to Portland, Oregon-based electronic label Audio Dregs

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