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Melodium - Cerebro

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 10 / 11 / 2008

Melodium - Cerebro
Label: Audio Dregs
Format: CD


Eclectic combination of folk and electronica on latest album fron Nantes musician, Melodium

Ever since Melodium first proved his small genius, he has always stuck in my mind as being gracefully idiosyncratic. Melodium's recordings have never disappointed me. On his new album, 'Cerebro Spin' our man, from Nantes flirts with the compositional and recording methods of Ratatat, most evidently on 'Not Yet 1'. As if his little rhymes had already become signature tunes, they sound familiar and yet still new and fresh. As depicted by the boomerang-like image on the album's sleeve, the music of Melodium evolves around circles of melodic electronica and returns to melody and composition. Gaining coherence on 'Cerebro Spin', Melodium sets about bringing a whole new perspective to the genre known as 'folktronica'. Wisdom had it that on 'Cerebro Spin' a fuller sound was needed. 'Social Phobia' is a prime example of a big dance tune. Yet, probably frightened by this similarity himself, Melodium continues to pretend that he is best at blending grand melody lines and minimalistic lounge electronica. Melodium's electronic wells will not run dry but what had impressed me most is his lasting talent for writing gentle and vulnerable compositions. Some are songs, head and tail and all that conservative 'crap' ; others paint sketches in sound and together they progress. And whence the merry-go-round comes to a standstill, it is a very happy naptime.

Track Listing:-
1 Choanal Imperforation
2 Eustachian Tube
3 Not Yet 1
4 Kissing Disease
5 Meniere's Vertigo
6 Not Yet 2
7 Social Phobia
8 Vocal Cord Polypus
9 Not Yet 3
10 Panic Disorder
11 Scoliosis + Astigmatism

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