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Melodium - Coloribus

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 25 / 8 / 2011

Melodium - Coloribus
Label: Abandon Building
Format: CD


Monumental and classically-influenced electronica on latest album from French musician and pianist, Lauren Girard

Is Laurent Girard, a.k.a. Melodium, the Fréderic Chopin of the Digital Age? In particular the stupendously wonderful 'White Chapel' makes me believe so. Amongst the wealth of monumental tracks, 'The Decline of Iron' forms an intriguing concept, both as a title and more so introducing a sort of percussion-tronica. Many tracks probably count as 'folktronica' yet a few compositions cross borders, upon which percussion builds a grand juxtaposition with keyboards; whereas snare instruments usually follow the compositional line set off by Melodium's piano. This introspection comes off prominently on for example 'No More Flash' as if the redemption from digitalis were already here. Melodium has developed a unique sound where electronica surfaces in an almost oblique and archaic style, meriting greatly from his genuine compositional talent. From Melodium's impressive discography, a symphony orchestra could easily compile an entire evening bill, worthy to be staged at the Royal Albert Hall. For those keen on melody; Melodium's music is abundant with it. 'Coloribus' features 20 tracks that amount up to just 45 minutes altogether. 'Sweet Depression' is not only topical in terms of cureent economic upheaval, but the track typifies a remote sense of belonging which appears to have become a hazard in the Twitter age. Melodium tweets (using) music rather than words and seems eager to withdraw rather than overly sensationalize. 'Coloribus' is an affectionate punch of some sorts. The album actually consists of two out of the four of Vivaldi's Seasons, on the opening track, starting in June and followed next by 'Augusta Falls'. The feel to Spring and Summer sums up this little classic. 'Piano Factory' pounds on like 'à quatre mains', a light-hearted roll off the fingers over a deep keyboard rhythm. Trick or treat, 'Coloribus' has so much to offer to the curious ear. Well beyond reason, and so much the better because of it.

Track Listing:-
1 Hey June
2 Augusta Falls
3 Sarah
4 The Link Is Dead
5 Piano Factory
6 Run, Run And Collapse
7 Blanqui Street
8 Protheis Protheis
9 Aural Stimuli
10 Something You Lost
11 Sweet Depression
12 La Bohalle
13 I Am Epsilon
14 White Chapel
15 No More Flash
16 Saltic De Ridig
17 We Have A Situation
18 Coloribus
19 The Decline Of Iron
20 End Theme

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