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Coph Nia - Holy War

  by David McNamee

published: 1 / 9 / 2002

Coph Nia - Holy War
Label: Cold Meat Industry
Format: CD


Oddly "pretty" new EP from Sweden's latest Death Metal export

The brilliantly-named Aldenon Satorial and his pal ‘Clavdio’show us just where Mortiis is going wrong with a mini album invocation to a ....‘Hoooly WaAaUgHH!!’... Drums like the goblin hordes of Mordor bouncing on a big bouncy trampoline stretched over the Earth’s core, drones like battalions of wyvern’s beating their wings slowly in space – supposedly it’s meant to make Lustmord’s bowels spontaneously erupt, but it’s all so, well....pretty. ‘The Binah/Satharyal Complex’ makes me think of Arovane and Labradford and wistful nights spent staring at the stars, lounging by rivers, holding hands and... yes, well. Erm, raaaaarr! They also reference the poetry of the Seahorses – or Aleister Crowley, depending on who was bigger in their native Sweden I guess – and use the word ‘crapulous’. Check the inlay inscriptions: ; 'Get Ready To Bleed', 'For The Beast And His Bride', 'Heed The New Creed' and 'Chastity Is Failure'. Sigh. It ...so....is. But it’s not like all of us have a choice in the matter, you know. And, y’know, it’s loads of fun being the Prince of Darkness and stuff, but somedays I just want to roll amongst the daisies in concupiscent glee. Sometimes I just want pretty skies and my head stroked by a lovely, young wenchwhore- er...girl. Oh for The Great Beast’s sake, I just want to believe everything’s going to be...OK. Aldenon let’s me know that it is.

Track Listing:-
1 Briefing
2 Holy War (Pt 1.-Enter)
3 Binah/Sathayral Complex
4 Holy War (Pt 3-Remobilize)

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