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Salvatore - Fresh

  by David McNamee

published: 11 / 3 / 2002

Salvatore - Fresh
Label: Racing Junior
Format: CD


Third album from increasingly respected "spacey instrumental drone rock" Norwegian group Salvatore, whose next album will be produced by John McEntire from Tortoise

Norway’s Racing Junior have been surprisingly prolific in their output of (shock-horror) Good Norwegian Music That Isn’t Black Metal lately. Salvatore may deal in spacey instrumental drone rock, but next to label mates Portrait of David this is nothing short of party music. ‘Fresh’ has a cool atmosphere too, sounding like Mexico being rerouted through Scandinavia. The sleeve notes tell of an experience in Morocco - where the band recorded the album - where a guy tries to hustle them but “he got a Japanese boy instead”. His loss. Apparently they’re currently working with John McEntire, which is appropriate considering they frequently sound like Tortoise playing in a fishtank.

Track Listing:-
1 Get The Kids On The Street It’s a Party
2 Chant Of The No No's
3 Medina Drive
4 Stork
5 100 Camels In The Courtyard
6 The Seven Colours Of Gnaff
7 Disco Farah
8 First Red Then Nothing
9 Alte Koln
10 Vogel Dune

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