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Xinlisupreme - Murder License

  by David McNamee

published: 16 / 9 / 2002

Xinlisupreme - Murder License
Label: Fat Cat Records
Format: CDS


Vicious, violent electronica on new mini album from Ohia group signed to the Fat Cat label

The latest all the rage Japanese gadget is an industrial strength vacuum cleaner/flamethrower/sandblaster combo, that when switched to maximum and placed over YOUR HEAD makes a noise /just like/ the new Xinlisupreme mini-album. My eyeballs are being sucked out, my tongue is now made of fire, my skull - without all that nasty skin /stuff/ – is smoother than glass and I feel sexier than Godzilla. Apparently there’s some sort of subtext to all of this about US foreign policy and American military intervention in the Middle East. That’s cute, but I can’t help thinking that if Colonel Kurtz had ordered his men to boom /this/ shit out of their helicopters as they dumped Agent Orange on Vietnamese infants, then Rumsfeld and co. would be worrying a lot less about Saddam’s nuclear capacity and a lot more about the race of psychotoxicmecharobothybridwarriorbeasts now comprising the Viet Kong.

Track Listing:-
1 Murder License
2 I Drew A Picture Of My Eyes
3 Front Of You
4 Sakae
5 I.T.D.O.O.M.
6 Count Down
7 Nameless Song

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