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Fat Cat Records


Amandine (2005)

This Is Where Our Hearts Collide
Understated, melancholic country rock from oddly-based new Swedish four-piece Amandine

Amandine (2007)

Solace In Sore Hands
Slightly over chilled out, but still throroughly enjoyable folk-influenced pop on second album from Swedish band Amandine

Animal Collective (2003)

Spirit They're Gone Spirit They've Vanished
Timely reissue of first two albums by "intelligent percussion" experimentalists and New York trio Animal Collective, who have just finished touring with Four Tet

Animal Collective (2005)

Prospect Hummer
New single from psychedelic ethno-folk New York trio the Animal Collective, which finds them collaborating with mysterious cult 60’s British folk singer Vashti Bunyan

Animal Collective (2005)

Multi-layered new single from "freak folk" act Animal Collective, who prove to be "the aural equivalent of a crowded room"

Aoki Takamasa And Tujiko Noriko (2005)

Luscious three years in the making collaboration between already-established Japanese solo artists Aoki Takamasa and Tujiko Noriko, who are now both based in Paris and which touches at every emotional level

Balky Mule (2009)

The Length of the Rail
Endearing merging of lo-fi sounds and electronica on debut album from Balky Mule, the project of Bristol-raised, but now Australian-based musician, Sam Jones

Black Dice (2004)

Creature Comforts
Excellent second album from Fat Cat signing Black Dice, which experiments with a wide menagerie of sounds

Blood On The Wall (2006)

Mary Susan
Well-worth investiagting mix of Velvet Underground coolness, new wave dance-ability and no wave noise on new single from New York band Blood on the Wall

Brakes (2009)

Mature and rich third album from Brighton-band Brakes, who, back on a new label Fat Cat having been signed to Rough Trade, have developed their characteristic abrasiveness in new ways

Brakes (2009)

Hey Hey
Economical, but excellent first single from Brighton group Brakes' forthcoming third album,'Touchdown'

Chib (2004)

Demanding, but rewarding " jazzy melancholy "on debut mini album from Japanese solo artist and recent Fat Cat signing, Chib

Crescent (2003)

By The Roads And The Fields
Occasionally enticing, Joy Division-influenced post-rock from Bristol group, Crescent, back with their fourth album

David Grubbs / Avey Tare (2003)

More images David Grubbs / Avey Tare
Endreaing atest split release in Fat Cat's Splinter series, combines together new tracks from former Squirrel Bait man David Grubbs and the Animal Collective's Avey Tare

David Karsten Daniels (2007)

Sharp Teeth
Promising debut album from quirky latest Fat Cat signing David Karsten Daniels, which is unfortunately ruined by a poor production and Daniels' own laziness

Drowsy (2005)

Growing Green
Rough round the edges, but quietly captivating debut album from Drowsy, the moniker for young Finnish folk singer-songwriter Mauri Keikkinen,

Frightened Rabbit (2007)

Sings the Greys
Flawed, but promising debut album from Glaswegian trio Frightened Rabbit, who merge country and western and folk with an indie sound

Frightened Rabbit (2008)

The Midnight Organ Fight
Sublime second album of quirky indie-folk from hard working, but still under-rated Scottish act Frightened Rabbit, who, while having hints of the likes of Idlewild, the Twilight Sad, Interpol and the Walkmen are a musical one of a kind

Frightened Rabbit (2008)

I Feel Better/The Twist
Staggering and thoroughly innovative harmonic folk pop on new single from Scottish trio, Frightened Rabbit

Frightened Rabbit (2008)

It's Christmas So We'll Stop
Dark and downbeat slice of kitchen-sink realism on Christmas single from Scottish trio Frightened Rabbit, which with a new mix they have released for a second year in a row

Frightened Rabbit (2009)

Quietly Now!
First rate live album from Scottish trio Frightened Rabbit, whose acoustic reworking of their album 'The Midnight Organ Fight' far from reducing its power builds on it

Frightened Rabbit (2009)

Swim Until You Can't See Land
Riverting string-accompanied latest vinyl only single from Scottish indie rock group, Frightened Rabbit

Gregory and the Hawk (2008)

Moenie and Kitchi
Alluring and unique folk rock on new album from Gregory and the Hawk, the project of New York-based singer songwriter Meredith Godreau

Gregory and the Hawk (2010)

Familiar-sounding, but strikingly original second album from Gregory and the Hawk, the project of New York-based singer-songwriter, Meredith Godreau

Mad Caddies (2007)

Keep It Going
Fantastic summery-sounding and reggae-influenced fifth album from Californian punk pop act the Mad Caddies

Maps and Atlases (2010)

Perch Patchwork
Astounding merging of pop, folk, indie and math rock on remarkable debut album from experimental Chicago-based group, Maps and Atlases

Max Richter (2004)

The Blue Notebooks
Spellbindingsoundtrack for as-yet-unreleased film about Frank Kafka from former Future Sound of London star, Max Richter, which has been released on 130701, an offshoot of the Fat Cat label

Max Richter (2006)

Songs from Before
Pleasurable yet uninspired second album of imaginary flim music from Dresden-born, but now Scottish-based composer, Max Richter

Max Richter (2008)

24 Postcards in Full Colour
Fragmentary by nature, but rich and rewarding fourth album from Edinburgh-based minimalistic electronic artist and composer Max Richter, inspired by some of the experiences he has had while travelling

Mice Parade (2003)

Obrigado Saudade
Remarkable fifth album from the Mice Parade, the solo project of Adam Pierce, which adds new meaning to the term post-rock / electronica

Mice Parade (2005)

Bem-vinda Vontade
Compelling genre-defying electronica from Mice Parade, the alias of New Yorker Adam Pierce, which never overstays its experimental indulgences

Mice Parade (2010)

What It means to Be Left-Handed
Astounding ninth album from Mice Parade, the moniker of New York percussionist Adam Pierce, which mixes influences as diverse as flamenco, indie rock, post rock and jazz

Mum (2002)

Finally We Are No One
Stunning "combination of electronic sounds and... dreampop" on second album from increasingly rated Icelandic four piece

Mum (2004)

Summer Make Good
Dreamlike third album from Icelandic group Mum, which "marks a quite definite departure from the innocence and sweet folly of their previous two albums"

Mum (2006)

The Peel Session
Stunning release of atmospheric, deranged Icelandic quartet múm's Peel Session from 2002

Mutts (2004)

Missing My Devil
Enjoyable second single from Brighton punk group, the Muuts, which proves to be "a modern irresistible take on the Ramones"

Mutts (2005)

Lively new wave/punk on the Fat Cat label from four piece Brighton-based act the Mutts, very heavily influenced by the New York scene of 1976 /77

Mutts (2005)

Life In Dirt
Enjoyable debut album from Stooges-worshipping Bristol punks The Mutts, which proves to be a powerful mixture of Detroit rock and Down Under sleaze

Nina Nastasia (2008)

What She Doesn't Know
Brilliant folk rock on sparse-sounding new seven inch single from American singer-songwriter, Nina Nastasia

Our Brother The Native (2008)

Make Amends for We are Merely Vessels
Demanding and difficult, but ultimately worth the effort second album from experimental American art rock trio, Our Brother the Native

Party Of One (2004)

Caught By The Blast
Murky misanthropic garage rock from Minnesota three-piece, which is ruined by its spit and sawdust production

Party Of One (2004)

Snap You Like A Twig
Snappily packaged, but disappointingly rough-edged new 7" single from much acclaimed Fat Cat signing Party of One

Rank Deluxe (2008)

Crude, boorish post punk from completely derivative South London act, the Rank Deluxe

Set Fire To Flames (2003)

Telegraphs in Negative / Mouths Trapped in Static
Ambitious and inventive sprawling double album from Set Fire to Flames, one of the offshoot bands of Godspeed You ! Black Emperor

Silje Nes (2008)

Ames Room
Dreamy and laidback, but absolutely compelling debut album from Norwegian female singer-songwriter Silje Nes

Songs of Green Pheasant (2006)

Aerial Days
Splendid second album from Songs of Green Pheasant, the solo project of Sheffield-based artist/teacher Duncan Sumpner, which is reminiscent in its wintry beauty of Sigur Ros

Storsveit Nix Noltes (2009)

Royal Family-Divorce
Rewarding second album from energetic eleven member Icelandic instrumental group Storsveit Nix Noltes, who have taken a collection of traditional Bulgarian and Balkan folk songs and given them a modern arrangement

Stromba (2005)

Tales From The Sitting Room
Fantastic six years-in-the-making debut album from experimental jazz fusion duo Stromba which finds them, taking in elements of disco, dub, hip-hop and folk to create their own version of 'Bitches Brew'.

Stromba (2005)

Giddy Up
Middle of the road avant-garde jazz and instrumental hip-hop from London-base duo Stromba

Tal National (2013)

Monotonous and disappointing fourth album from Niger-based group, Tal National

Tom Brosseau (2008)

Consistently pleasant, but unstriking 50's and 60's-influenced acoustic folk on British debut album proper from American singer-songwriter, Tom Brosseau

Tom Brosseau (2009)

Posthumous Success
Self-mocking latest album from North Dakota-born singer-songwriter Tom Brosseau, which looks to pre-war America for inspiration and then merges it with the more contemporary

Twilight Sad (2007)

Fourteen Autumns and Fifteen Winters
Epic and often dark debut album from fine new Scottish band, the Twilight Sad, who draw comparisions with the National

Twilight Sad (2007)

And She Would Darken the Memory
Darkly brilliant latest vinyl only single from Glaswegian epic rockers the Twilight Sad

Twilight Sad (2008)

Here It Snowed. Afterwards It Did
Superb mini album from Scottish post rock and shoegazing act the Twilight Sad,which finds them taking songs from their debut album 'Fourteen Autumns and Fifteen Winters' of last year and gutsily reinventing their own recent past

Twilight Sad (2009)

Forget the Night Ahead
Dark and enigmatic, but evocative second album from much acclaimed Scottish-based post rockers, the Twilight Sad

Various (2003)

Branches And Routes
27 track double compilation that celebrates the first 6 years of the Fat Cat,and which, while offering few surprises, nevertheless still proves to be "inspired listening"

Vashti Bunyan (2005)

Remarkable second album from long-lost folk artist Vashti Bunyan, which marks her return after a 35 year absence from the music inudstry

Vashti Bunyan (2007)

Some Things Just Stick in Your Mind
Fascinating sprawling double CD collection of early singles, lost recordings and demos from 60's singer Vashti Bunyan, whose career has been after a gap of 35 years going through a massive resurgence since the rediscovery of 'Just Another Diamond Day', her 1970 debut album

Vashti Bunyan (2014)

Magical fourth album from rediscovered and now much acclaimed 60's folk cult icon, Vashti Bunyan

We Were Promised Jetpacks (2010)

It's Thunder and It's Lightning/Ships with Holes will Sink
Passionate and raw-sounding post rock on latest vinyl single from Scottish band, We Were Promsied Jetpacks

Welcome (2006)

Diverse and unpredictable 60's-style psychedelic pop on Fat Cat label from Seattle-based band, Welcome

Xinlisupreme (2002)

Murder License
Vicious, violent electronica on new mini album from Ohia group signed to the Fat Cat label


Interview with Dave Cawley (2003)

Miscellaneous - Interview with Dave Cawley

One of Britain's biggest indie labels, Fat Cat is perhaps best known for being Sigur Ros' label, but, from its very outset , has always proved remarkably eclectic and broad in its tastes. Co-owner Dave Cawley mulls over its history with John Clarkson

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