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Party Of One - Caught By The Blast

  by Jon Rogers

published: 26 / 3 / 2004

Party Of One - Caught By The Blast
Label: Fat Cat Records
Format: CD


Murky misanthropic garage rock from Minnesota three-piece, which is ruined by its spit and sawdust production

This three-piece from Minnesota, headed by Eric Fifteen, profess to being extreme misanthropists and safely in that brand of angry young things that rage against not only the machine but everything else that they turn their attention to. A quick glance at the song titles reveals such nuggets as 'Six Million Anonymous Deceased', 'Baghdad Boogie' and 'Synagogue Chamber Waltz'. Needless to say there's a bit more depth here than the usual pop mush of some stylised pop princess cooing about young love. Instead, Party of One offer up comments on genocide, gang violence and sexual violence - amongst others. Where things start to fall apart is the spit and sawdust production that was probably done on the (really) cheap. And it sounds cheap: the mix is all wrong and the vocals appear hollow and lifeless. Even the early recordings of the Buzzcocks sounded better than this. The band valiantly fight an up hill battle though and there are moments when it does gel- particularly on 'Baghdad Boogie' and 'Fine Line Between Us' - where it is elevated to something better than just some rough and ready demos that need knocking into shape. For most of the time though its fairly bog standard garage rock. Loud guitars, shouty vocals and no real charm or finesse to it at all. There are moments of promise and indicators that given a bit more cash to spend things could get considerably better next time.

Track Listing:-
1 Snap You Like A Twig
2 Six Million Anonymous Deceased
3 Scorch The Brainwave
4 Belgrade Sends Its Regards
5 Shotgun Funeral
6 Synagogue Chamber Waltz
7 Midnight Gypsy
8 Baghdad Boogie
9 Fine Line Between Us
10 Slide Away
11 Baby Doll
12 Shock To The System

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Snap You Like A Twig (2004)
Snappily packaged, but disappointingly rough-edged new 7" single from much acclaimed Fat Cat signing Party of One

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