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Mutts - Life In Dirt

  by Andrew Carver

published: 24 / 6 / 2005

Mutts - Life In Dirt
Label: Fat Cat Records
Format: CD


Enjoyable debut album from Stooges-worshipping Bristol punks The Mutts, which proves to be a powerful mixture of Detroit rock and Down Under sleaze

On first listen, The Mutts sound more like the product of Brisbane than Bristol – they’ve taken Stooges’ worship to positively Australian lengths. Fortunately, the groups range of influences doesn’t end there; they are also one of the few bands who manage to blend their muses into something with its own style. The band’s mixture of Detroit rock, Down Under sleaze and lead singer Chris Murtagh’s growl, which is reminiscent of Chris Bailey of the Saints, should satisfy any fan of Iggy and Co. Fans of the Psyclone Rangers, the Fluid and various Scandinavian rockers (Gluecifer in particular) will also enjoy the band’s throaty roar. The Damned and Motorhead also put in an inspirational appearance. In particular, the riff to 'Engines' bears a striking resemblance to the one from 'New Rose'. A super-solid rhythm section and slicing guitar work from Adam Watson ties the package neatly together. Fans of hard rock should do themselves a favour and grab a copy of 'Life In Dirt' now.

Track Listing:-
1 Excited
2 Engines
3 Blood From A Stone
4 Stranded
5 Incest City
6 Let Me See Your Face
7 No Luck
8 Stuck Awake
9 My Town
10 Immaculate Tramp
11 From The Trenches

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