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Mutts - Missing My Devil

  by Alex Halls

published: 12 / 7 / 2004

Mutts - Missing My Devil
Label: Fat Cat Records
Format: 7"


Enjoyable second single from Brighton punk group, the Muuts, which proves to be "a modern irresistible take on the Ramones"

Welcome to the Mutts, purveyors of fine rock ‘n’ roll. 'Missing My Devil' is the Mutts first release on Fatcat Records and only their second single to date. Using a good rhythm backdrop to tight guitaring and a gravely voice, this Brighton 4-piece move away from the repetitive and bland sound of the Strokes et al., rather choosing to grind away with determination and authenticity. Seemingly drawing inspiration from late 70's punk but infused with indie charm, Missing My Devil is a modern, irresistible take on the Ramones and with a sharper approach. Having fused this all together, The Mutts have created an alluring single that bodes well for their forthcoming album. All three songs on the single are alike: buoyant, if not effervescent, and genuinely endearing. For those who never experienced the 70s scene, the Mutts will appear original but those who were present at that time may find some of the music a little derivative. Despite this, what originality exists is certainly enough not to discredit an obviously gifted band. 'Missing My Devil' appears slow at the outset but, without any need for urgency, quickly picks up some tempo altering riffs and vocal enforcement. B-Side tracks, 'Hard-On For Jesus' and 'Demolition', follow the title track in its very steps, differing little in quality. The rock ‘n’ roll spirit embodied in the single will have the former indie crowd quivering with excitement as it creates a pleasant but playful atmosphere that will undoubtedly carry through to concert halls and festival stages alike: festival headliners not quite yet but the potential is certainly there.

Track Listing:-
1 Missing My Devil
2 Demolition
3 Hard On For Jesus

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