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Scarve - Luminferous

  by David McNamee

published: 11 / 3 / 2002

Scarve - Luminferous
Label: Listenable
Format: CD


Silly, but entertaining second album from French Death metal band, Scarve

Grr! Arg! I haven’t heard vocals this silly since I was a teenager. Which, considering it was only a couple of years ago, would probably include the Spice Girls as much as Slipknot. But seriously, this is fantastic. A zillion mph Axe Metal screaming death hymns straight from the pages of Revelations. Helga, bring the blood wine! Tonight we feast on babies ! No ! No, it’s alright. Don’t worry, I grew up on this stuff, and look how nicely I turned out! And as we all know, real proper good teenager music needn’t be all about dumb REBELLION and, I dunno, leaf-chewing leftie politics, as much as it should convince your parents that you’re off out to invade neighbouring countries wearing nothing but a loin cloth and a cows head. How bizarre it is indeed then that Scarve consider themselves ‘New Age Death Metal. Not that any of it really matters when you happen to sound like Thor, that you hear the words anyway. It's all a bit silly, but the fact that it's on a label called ‘Listenable’ is hilarity enough.

Track Listing:-
1 Emulate the Soul
2 Alteration
3 Crustscraper
4 Capsized
5 The Resonating Circle
6 The Path to Apoptosis
7 Futile Resilient
8 Serpent Speech
9 Infertile Ways
10 The Day After
11 Blackloader

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