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Suicide - American Supreme

  by David McNamee

published: 10 / 10 / 2002

Suicide - American Supreme
Label: Blast First
Format: CD


Unnerving first album in ten years from New York's pioneers of electro punk, Suicide

The first album in 10 years from the granddaddies of splattersynthcore. The music is noticeably less oppressive than the one-note synapse-shredders of Alan Vega and Martin Rev’s late seventies oeuvre. There’s no 'Frankie Teardrop'-style gouge in reality, but you do get Vega snarling “And the nightmare came, and the nightmare came…Cos he fucked her! Cos her fucked her!” amidst a litany of dead beat poet mantras, over music written for cyanide-capsule commercials. Suicide are now regarded as a slightly quaint anarcho-anachronism, but listening to this stuff still makes you feel like your skin is being unpicked thread by thread.

Track Listing:-
1 Televised Executions
2 Misery Train
3 Swearin' To The Flag
4 Beggin' For Miracles
5 American Mean
6 Wrong Decisions
7 Death Machine
8 Power Au Go-Go
9 Dachau, Disney, Disco
10 Child, It's A New World
11 I Don't Know

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