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Blast First


Erase Errata (2003)

At Crystal Palace
Second album from Californian band Erase Errata, which finds them hauling through memories of "archive amateurish English punk rock from the '76-'77 era of Indiedom"

Kaito (2003)

"Shambling" new vinyl EP from Nowich-based group Kaito, soon to release their debut album through Blast First !

Kaito (2004)

Band Red
Fluctuating, but too often appallingly amateurish debut album from the much hyped Kaito

Suicide (2002)

American Supreme
Unnerving first album in ten years from New York's pioneers of electro punk, Suicide

Various (2003)

Sonic Mook Experiment 3: Hot Shit
Difficult, but interesting 24 track compilation,, which, exploring various degrees of new wave and punk experimentation, showcases all the Mute label's latest signings

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