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Kaito - Band Red

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 3 / 4 / 2004

Kaito - Band Red
Label: Blast First
Format: LP


Fluctuating, but too often appallingly amateurish debut album from the much hyped Kaito

Kaito's new album kicks off with 'Enemyline',which must have some of the worst instrument playing I have ever heard. The singing which accompanies this is like a cat on heat screaming in the night. At other times it is like Yoko Ono at her worst. 'Should I', the second track, is fast and punky and a lot more together, while 'Try Me', which follows it, is spooky and slow, before eventually lifting up a gear. 'Nothing New' is again very slow, and sounds something like Tompaulin but more amateurish. It is the best track so far and quite beautiful really. but then on 'Anamoy',which comes next,they screw it all up. It is like a fucked up version of Elastica. 'Think Twice' is a bit better thought out, while 'Driving Manual Auto' has a distorted vocal line with some strong grunge guitar over the top. 'Moi' is slow and very twee. 'Asa to Accuracy' is amateurish again, trashy but wild punk and is full of fun. It is really great, as is '3am', which is slow but lovely. It is a real shame that the rest of the record is not as good as these last two tracks.

Track Listing:-
1 Enemyline
2 Should I (live)
3 Try Me Out (live)
4 Nothin New
5 Anamoy
6 Think Twice
7 Driving Manual Auto
8 Moi
9 A.S.A to Accuracy (live)
11 3 Am
12 Go (live)
13 Should I (live)
14 Try Me Out (live)
15 Trailous (live)
16 A.S.A to Accuracy (live)

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Ep (2003)
"Shambling" new vinyl EP from Nowich-based group Kaito, soon to release their debut album through Blast First !

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