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London Mean Fiddler, 2/11/2002

Suicide - London Mean Fiddler, 2/11/2002

In Britain to promote 'American Supreme', their first album in 10 years, Olga Sladeckova finds the influential new York electro punks to be on dangerous, but exciting form at the London Mean Fiddler


Profile (2005)

Suicide - Profile

New York punk duo Suicide have just had their third and fourth albums, 'A Way of Life' and 'Why Be Blue' remastered and released with special live recordings. Anthony Strutt examines and looks at both


American Supreme (2002)

Unnerving first album in ten years from New York's pioneers of electro punk, Suicide



Old Ceremony
Interview Kat Parsons - Interview

Lisa Torem chats to North Carolina quintet about their just released fifth album 'Fairytales and Other Forms of Suicide' and working with Big Star

William D Drake
Interview William D Drake - Interview

Experimental songwriter and former Cardiacs keyboardist William D Drake released two albums, 'Briny Hooves' and 'Yew's Paw' on the same day earlier this year. He talks to Mark Rowland about the joys of committing commercial suicide

Amelia Fletcher
Interview Part 3 Talulah Gosh - Interview Part 3

In the third and final part of our interview with Amelia Fletcher, she talks about her work with Heavenly, Marine Research and Tender Trap, and the suicide of Heavenly's drummer, her brother Matthew, in 1996


Brixton Academy, London, 1/9/2010 Eels - Brixton Academy, London, 1/9/2010

Despite songs about death and suicide, Anthony Middleton finds the Eels to be surprisingly fun at a show at the Brixton Academy in London

Grinderman and Suicide
Forum, London, 20/6/2007 Grinderman - Forum, London, 20/6/2007

In an impressive double bill, Jon Rogers at the London Forum sees aging rockers Grinderman and Suicide which many younger bands could learn a lot from if they were less bothered about their career strategy


Condemned to Rock 'n' Roll
October 2010 Miscellaneous - October 2010

Ben Howarth in his 'Condemned to Rock 'n' Roll' column examines the issue of music career suicide and what can happen to bands when good ideas start to run out

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