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Suicide - London Mean Fiddler, 2/11/2002

  by Olga Sladeckova

published: 15 / 10 / 2002

Suicide - London Mean Fiddler, 2/11/2002


In Britain to promote 'American Supreme', their first album in 10 years, Olga Sladeckova finds the influential new York electro punks to be on dangerous, but exciting form at the London Mean Fiddler

It is going to be an ugly night” the doorman at the Mean Fiddler warns us us. Dressed to go to a pretty night out afterwards, my friend and I bravely walk down the stairs of the venue and to the stage. Sonic Mook are in mid set. The auditorium is half full.. Sonic Mook's chaotic tunes match their uncoordinated moves on the stage. The front lines of fans are however loving it ,and enthusiastically clap after every song ends. We notice a middle age man dressed in green with an army hat confusedly walking up and down the stairs like he is expecting a storm. The clock hits 9 when Alan Vega followed by Martin Rev appear on the stage. Both are wearing dark glasses and Vega hides his head under the hood of his sweat shirt. All the 'suicidal' fans are in ecstasy. Suicide are one of the most influential bands in American music history. Bobby Gillespie, Primal Scream’s singer, who I spot swinging to the rhythm of 'Misery Train', a song from ‘American Supreme’, Suicide’s latest album, would not deny it. In between songs Vega takes the chance to talk to the fans.”Who is the rule?” he asks us.”You are a person, you are rule.” He then insists while Rev, half lost in deep white smoke in the back of the stage, starts off on another song. Besides brand new material we are also treated to older songs such as the Stooges 'I Wanna Be Your Dog' . “I wanna be a your dog” proclaims Vega following it with eager woofing-like noise, which are backed  by the various electronic nosies that Rev produces. The music just won't let you stay still. It's emotive, unpredictable and original. That is what Suicide have always been about since they formed back in the mid 70's. Every show has its end. Accompanied by loud applause and screaming for more, the New York based duo leaves the stage just before 10. Unfortunately a club held at the venue every Saturday follows the show and so the mean staff at the Mean Fiddler starts sweeping us away. Never mind. Suicide are playing here tomorrow again!

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Suicide - London Mean Fiddler, 2/11/2002

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