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David McNamee - Features

Trembling Blue Stars

Trembling Blue Stars - A Certain Blue Light

The Trembling Blue Stars are about to consolidate their position "as The Great Nineties Pop Band That Never Happened’ with a Best Of or Greatest Near-Hits. David McNamee looks back over their career and finds an odd resemblance in it to Kylie Minogue's

Michael J Sheehy

Michael J Sheehy - No Longer  My Concern

Former Dream City Film Club frontman Michael J. Sheehy recently returned with a second solo record, 'No Longer My Concern'. David McNamee profiles his career to date, and the confessional new record

Fred Frith

Fred Frith - Profile

One of the leading avant garde composers, Fred Frith has recently re-released two CDs, 'Gravity' and "Accidental'. David McNamee profiles them both.


Miscellaneous - Broken Music : Clawing the Eyes Out of Mona Lisa

David McNamee finds himself smitten with three beautifully packaged CDs from the Chicago electronic label, Ampersand, and tells why overnight it has become his new favourite label


Reuber - Profile

It has been nearly twenty five years since Kraftwerk released 'The Man Machine.' With German electronica still as popular now, David McNamee examines its status now, particulary with regard to recent releases by Station 17+ and by the Staubgold label.

Sex Pistols

Sex Pistols - Dread Meets Punk Under Heavy Discipline

By the mid-seventies the establishment had managed to alienate its own white youth. It didn’t have to try hard to alienate me since I was a first generation British born black of Jamaican descent and already well pissed off. The popular music of the time

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