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Cerberus Shoal - Mr Boy Dog

  by David McNamee

published: 8 / 5 / 2002

Cerberus Shoal - Mr Boy Dog
Label: Temporary Residence
Format: CD X2


Decidely scary "Eastern European Yiddish folk jazz" on two discs on the Temporary Residence label

Shit. Now this is scary. Random Eastern European Yiddish folk jazz type stuff which comes on two discs and sounds like its clawing its way across the walls and around the inside of your head. It sounds like circus time in hell, like Salvador Dali paintings brought to life and hiding under your bed. I’m thinking: acrobats with hooks for hands, dancing animal things with people faces, a grinning old man with no teeth rocking back and forth in slow motion while a naked lightbulb swings overhead. I’m thinking: clowns.

Track Listing:-
1 Round Valley
2 Nataraja
3 Camel Bell
4 Strumblin Block
5 Tongue Drongue
6 Vuka
7 Unmarked Boxes
8 Telikos II
9 Nod
10 An Egypt That Does Not Exist

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