Pennyblackmusic Presents: Heist & Idiot Son + The Volunteered & Simon Bromide

Headlining are Heist with support from Idiot Son , The Volunteered and Simon Bromide
Hosted at the Water Rats London, Saturday 10th September. Doors open 7:30; First band on at 7:45; Admission £10 on the door or £8 in advance from We got Tickets
Located at ....... Click here to view in Goggle Maps We look forward to seeing you on the night. For more information Click here

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Temporary Residence


Behind the Shadow Drops (2017)

Challenging but highly rewarding combination of ambience, trip hop and minimalism on debut album from Behind the Shadow Drops, the instrumental solo project of Takaakira ‘Taka’ Goto who is a Tokyo-based guitarist and composer

Bitch Magnet (2012)

Bitch Magnet
Melodic and intelligent post-hardcore from influential but horribly-named late 80's and early 90's Ohio-formed band Bitch Magnet, whose three albums have been released colelctively in one beautifully packaged set

Black Heart Procession (2009)

Overtly melancholic and downright miserable sixth album from gloomy San Diego-based group Black Heart Procession, who have drawn comparisons with Nick Cave, Tindersticks and Interpol

By The End Of Tonight (2004)

Fireworks On Ice
Compellingly eclectic totally instrumental new EP from Texas four-piece, whose four tracks "jump from catchy melodies to post-rock noise in seconds, before veering off again into entirely different direction"

By The End Of Tonight (2005)

A Tribute To Tigers
Gloriously impressive "instrumental, schizoid rock" on "debut album" from instrumental Texas four-piece, By the End of Tonight

Caroline (2005)

Where's My Love
Delicate and fragile debut single from phenomenally-voiced Japanese-born but now California-based singer songwriter Caroline Lufkin

Cerberus Shoal (2002)

Mr Boy Dog
Decidely scary "Eastern European Yiddish folk jazz" on two discs on the Temporary Residence label

Cex (2003)

Being Ridden
Groundbreaking "lo-fi pippop" from CEX, aka Rjyan Kidwell, who, still in his early 20's, seems about to become one of the leading artists on the electronica scene

Cex (2005)

Starship Galactica
Re-release of the much acclaimed electro wizard Cex alias Rjyan Kidwell's debut album re-mastered and re-packaged with three extra tracks

Crain (2005)

Timely, impressive re-release of long lost debut album from Crain, who came out of the late 80's art-punk scene in Louisville, Kentucky at the same time as the legendary Slint

Drift (2005)

Subtle debut album from the Drift, whose music, despite drawing comparisions with Tortoise, has more in common with jazz great Miles Davis

Eluvium (2003)

Lambent Material
"Glorious", soporific post-rock from new talent Eluvium, the moniker of Portland-based musician Matthew Cooper

Eluvium (2007)

Stunning new album from Eluvium, the project of Mathew Cooper who proves asuccessor of sorts to modern composers like Phillip Glass, Terry Riley and Arvo Part as well as experimental artists like Glenn Branca and Rhys Chatham

Eluvium (2010)

Ambient and reflective sixth album from Eluvium, the project of Portland, Oregon-based musician Matthew Cooper

Eluvium (2013)

Nightmare Ending
Epic and hopeful-sounding post-rock on magnifecently-packaged double album from Eluvium, the project of Portland, Oregon-based musician Matthew Cooper

Evergreen (2004)

First-rate and timely release of Evergreen's long lost and one and only album from 1996, which featured Britt Walford of Slint on drums

Explosions In The Sky (2005)

How Strange Innocence
Haunting remastered and repackaged rerelease of now heavily lauded Texan instrumental rockers Explosions in the Sky's deleted debut album

Explosions in the Sky and David Wingo (2013)

Prince Avalanche
Compelling soundtrack album from Texan instrumental/post rock band Explosions in the Sky and ex-Wooden Birds member and composer David Wingp

Grails (2007)

Burning Impurities
Fine instrumental rock from Grails, which will be enjoyed byfans of both Godspeed! You Black Emperor and Calexico

Halifax Pier (2002)

Put You Gloves On And Wave
Meticulous, but "dull" second album from American acoustic chamber rock six piece

Howard Hello (2002)

Howard Hello
"Beautiful, but unnerving" acoustic drone pop from established Americian solo artist

Howard Hello (2004)

Dont Drink His Blood
Promising acoustic pop, unfortunately ruined and damaged by poor vocals

Kilowatthours (2002)

The Bright Side
Promising but unfortunately all too brief second album, which incorporates piano and electronics into a lo-fi indie rock sound, from Sebadoh influenced Kentucky based group

Maserati (2015)

Infectious and explosive synth-based post rock on latest album from Athens, Georgia-based band, Maserati

Mono (2007)

Stunning B sides and rarities collection from Japanese instrumental and classically inspired post rock group, Mono

Mono (2012)

For My Parents
Frequently cliched, but also equally often impressive latest album from Japanese post-rock band, Mono

Nice Nice (2004)

Uncohesive, but often endearing combination of "free jazz, funk, angular rock, dub, death metal and ambient " from technically perfect instrumental duo, Nice Nice

Sleeping People (2005)

Sleeping People
Uninspiring instrumental rock from San Francisco act Sleeping People which allegdly takes its cues from 70's prog rock in the mold of Yes and King Crimson

Sybarite (2002)

Placement Issues
"Fairly pointless muso meanderings into TV soundtrack territory" from Xian Hawkin aka Sybarite who has since its recording signed to the 4AD label.

Various (2005)

Everything Comes And Goes
Excellent compilation on the Temporary Residence label with experimental rock, folk and electro acts reinterpreting Ozzy-era Black Sabbath songs

Wino (2009)

A Bottle Of Pills With A Bullet Chaser
Epic double CD compilation for Louisville-based 90s noise experimentalists Wino, who were the first band to have a release on the hard-wearing Temporary Residence label and who have also released this retrospective

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