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Bodines - Janice Long Sessions 18/11/1985 and 09/07/1986

  by Dixie Ernill

published: 3 / 7 / 2023

Bodines - Janice Long Sessions 18/11/1985 and 09/07/1986
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Dixie Ernill reflects on North West indiepop band The Bodines' 1985 and 1986 Janice Long sessions, which have just been reissued on 10 inch vinyl by Precious Recordings of London.

While John Peel has rightly received legendary status for his role in promoting often obscure music via his radio show, the work of fellow DJ and Liverpudlian Janice Long in championing new talent can not be undervalued either. Many indie bands, such as The Chesterf!elds, The Close Lobsters and The Mighty Lemon Drops, benefitted from her patronage and another band that was exposed to a wider audience on the back of two sessions recorded for her show were The Bodines. Hailing from Glossop in Derbyshire countryside, but a mere 20 minute train ride from the bright lights of musical hotbed, Manchester, The Bodines shone brightly for 4 or 5 years, often cited as the next big thing without ever quite making that leap, mainly due to weak promotion of their only album, 'Played' Prior to that the band released a trio of very melodic guitar pop singles on Creation Records, the best of which 'Therese' was also arguably one of the stars of the now famous NME C86 cassette, alongside tracks by Primal Scream and The Wedding Present. A brilliant version of the aforementioned 'Therese' is the highlight of the early session with the other 3 songs being strong enough to find their way onto the album. The later session had two songs that would also make the final cut for the album, in the shape of 'What You Want' and 'Scar Tissue'. Indeed 'Scar Tissue' was also released as a breezy single, with the two songs on the 12” b-side being the remaining numbers from the session included unaltered. These two sessions, which have been released on 10" vinyl by Precious Recordings of London,, serve as a welcome reminder of how good The Bodines were and a bittersweet nod to what might have been.

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Bodines - Janice Long Sessions 18/11/1985 and 09/07/1986

Bodines - Janice Long Sessions 18/11/1985 and 09/07/1986

Bodines - Janice Long Sessions 18/11/1985 and 09/07/1986

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4548 Posted By: Rob, UK on 07 Jul 2023
Correction - the single was Slip Slide not Scar Tissue

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