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Paul Raven - Reviews


The Spoils
Bleak but powerful post-apocalyptic debut album from U.S.S.A, the new band of former guitarist with the Jesus Lizard Duane Denison and Ministry bassist, Paul Barker

Dream Theater

Greatest Hit (and 21 Other Pretty Cool Songs)
Flamboyant and bombastic, but thoroughly enjoyable retrospective collection from New York-based group and guilty pleasure Dream Theater which will appeal to all fans of epic rock


The Great Northern Whalekill
Gritty-sounding, riff-centred rock on excellent fourth album from visionary Icelandic stoner band, Minus

Desoto Jones

Overproduced, but forceful and diverse debut album from emo rock act Desoto Jones

Brain Police

Beyond the Wasteland
Timeless old-school stoner rock on fourth album from Brain Police, who are a Top Ten act in their native Iceland

Puny Human

Universal Freak Out
Irreverent stoner rock with a strong emphasis on humour on third album from New York lunatics Puny Human

Laboratory Noise

Hope is a Waking Dream
Diverse new EP on debut offering from early 90's revivalists and shoegazing group Laboratory Noise

Dillinger Escape Plan

Ire Works
Stunning new album from inventive metal/hardcore act the Dillinger Escape Plan which finds them pushing in a surprising new pop direction

A Thousand Suns

Destroy Create
Catchy and versatile rock from experimental and boldly alternative new Cardiff-based group A Thousand Suns

Zico Chain

Convincingly aggressive and fast-paced rock on second album from UK alternative rockers, the Zico Chain

Sexton Ming

Punks are Sad, Hippies are Cool
Madcap new album from Medway punk poet and long term Billy Childish collaborator, Sexton Ming

Untitled Musical Project

Untitled Musical Project
Fine balance of surreal humour and punk/metal on debut album from Birmingham-based experimental trio Untitled Musical Project

Big Linda

I Don't Even Like You
Sleazy-sounding 60's-influenced garage rock on debut single from new band Big Linda


Powerful futuristic synth rock on new vinyl only single from British electronic duo Kontakte

Golden Section

Attack Decay Sustain Release
Promising debut album from original-sounding electro-guitar outfit Golden Section who with a little more finesse and polish look set to be a force to be reckoned with


Thoughtful and passionate hardcore on latest EP from Japanese outfit Envy, who are signed to Mogwai's Rock Action Records


Blissful and redemptive post rock with a touch of punk-metal and industrialism on new EP from Jesu, the latest project of ex-Napalm Death and Godflesh star Justin Broadrick

This Unique Museum

Chapter One : A Catalogue of Madness and Melancholy
Uninspired ambient indie melancholia from This Unique Mueum, the project of singer-songwriter Ben Fitton


Wings Of Lead Over Dormant Seas
Flawed, but striking and moody combination of post rock, industrial music and metal on fourth album from the atmospheric Dirge

Mos Generator

Songs for Future Gods
Unashamedly retro latest album from excellent stoner rock outfit Mos Generator who take as a blueprint the classic 70's heavy metal sounds of bands such as Deep Purple and Thin Lizzy


Agents Of Ahriman
Fine-focused third album from Swedish group Greenleaf who cast old familiar objects in an entirely new light with their unique brand of stoner rock

Les Savy Fav

Let's Stay Friends
Angular, but catchy rock on first album in six years from the highly regarded madcap rockers Les Savy Fav


Excellent and thrilling debut album from intense Scottish post-hardcore outfit Serotone who reveal themselves to be an instant name to watch out for with their frantic and panicked music


Hunting Whales
Astonishingly mature collection of blues/garage rock on debut album from the Checks, a ahandful of youthful rockers from New Zealand who have recently moved to Britain

Bullets and Octane

Songs for the Underdog
Gutter-punk rock and roll on debut album from new band Bullets and Octane, whose misogyny leaves a sour taste in the mouth


Flawed debut album from husky-voiced London-based singer-songwriter Elena whose powerful vocals are let down by their musical backing


Hallucinatory, genre-defying debut album from Bombay-based musician Mukul which proves to be both confusing and powerful in the same unique measure

Tusken Coalition

Tusken Coalition
Unflinching and dark social realism on debut album from outstanding UK group Tusken Coalition who combine their hip-hop sound with a hardcore philosophy


Sparkling desert rock on new single from Birmingham-based rockers Mexicolas

Saturation Point

Blissful-sounding ambience and post-rock


Shine Alone
Intense and thoughtful download only debut single from very promising Scottish post-hardcore rockers, Serotone


Hyper-sounding avant-garde rock from American band the Pope which stretches the line between genius and insanity to breaking-point


Partially successful merging of blues-rock metal and rhythmic funk on new single from up-and-coming British band Scrim

Big Sleep

Son of the Tiger
Indefinable and completely unique indie rock from Brooklyn-based three piece with a devil-may-care attitude

Bad Religion

Maps of Hell
Intelligent and outspoken punk on fourteenth album from the ever reliable Bad Religion.


Love's Miracle
Inventive and diverse welding of punk, metal, rock and grunge, the new band of former Jesus Lizard frontman David Yow

Hanoi Rocks

Cheesy, but thoroughly entertaining comeback single from 80's hair metal act, Hanoi Rocks

Northern State

Can I Keep This Pen ?
Sharp and intelligent old school hip hop from all girl New York trio, Northern State


In Stitches
Catchy four chord rock on debut album from the Actual, which refreshingly free of self-pity and the camp flamboyance of hair-metal comes as a liberating breath of fresh air


Voice of the Siren
Musically competent, but somewhat uninspiring latest single from 80's influenced hard rockers Irritant


By the Light
Impressive melting pot of classic metal, hardcore, and early 90's post-thrash from likebale hard rockers Nephwrack


The Vision EP
Intriguing blend of trip-hop, indie rock and jazz from South London-based all female group the Kut

Phonic Rapture

The Arrow
Slightly limp-sounding old-school road-house rock and roll from just disbanded group Phonic Rapture who simply seem to be going through the motions

Call Me Lightning

Soft Skeleton
Irreverent, schizophrenic-sounding post-punk from Milwaukee trio, Call Me Lightning


Promising metal on debut EP from London three-piece the Crucible


Dirty Women
Sleazy, but self-parodying and unpretentious guitar rock from Kentucky-based band, the Glasspack

Storm Society

Miles Away
Competent, but imitative dark-sounding guitar rock on debut EP from new Glaswegian group, the Storm Sciety


The New Normal
Moodily tongue-in-cheek stoner rock on debut album from new Boston trio, Hackman

Silicon Vultures

Silicon Vultures EP
Devil-may-care and anarchic debut EP from very promising young punk act Silicon Vultures


Humpin Mojo
Entertaining, but unoriginal Red Hot Chilli Peppers influenced rock-funk on new EP from Kingskin


Kings 'n' Bosses
Party-time pop-metal with an undercurrent of intelligence from lunatic Dutch group Malkovich


The Underwater Fascist
Confusing, but compelling mish-mash of country-blues-rock on second album from Montana-based group the Touchers

Young Gods

Super Ready/Fragmente
Confident and self-assured first album in seven years from seminal old-school industrial Swiss group the Young Gods, which still finds them on the cutting edge in its innovation and originality


The Sweet Black Bear
Long overdue retrospective from Pixies and My Bloody Valentine-influenced American shoegazers Slot, released in the wake of guitarist Billy Rivkin's untimely death from cancer

Demon's Claws

Satan's Little Pet Pig
Sparky alcohol-induced hillbilly garage rock from new Montreal-based band Demon's Claws

Fahrenheit 451

The Battleground is Everywhere
Fist-in-the-air, but essentially bubblegum pop-punk on first EP from new band Fahrenheit 451, who have named themselves afer the classic Ray Bradbury novel

This et Al

Baby Machine
Superbly eclectic, constantly inventive and surprising debut album from new Leeds group This Et Al

Bloody Hollies

Who To Trust, Who To Kill, Who To Love
Sleazy, slightly tongue-in-cheek and thoroughly enjoyable gutter pounk rock 'n' roll on new album from American-based group the Bloody Hollies


Splendour and Misery
Diverse, often excellent two CD sampler from London-based label Tenor Vossa, best known for its post rock but which also incorporates on this indie rock and alt country

Full Stack

Well-performed, but strictly by numbers guitar rock from Minneapolis-based group Full Stack

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