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Glasspack - Dirty Women

  by Paul Raven

published: 7 / 6 / 2007

Glasspack - Dirty Women
Label: Small Stone Records
Format: CD


Sleazy, but self-parodying and unpretentious guitar rock from Kentucky-based band, the Glasspack

The chequered flag drops, and we're off - so hang on to your seat, because this is going to be a bumpy ride. Right from the outset, 'Dirty Women' is all filthy guitars and clattering drums, simple riffs and driving rhythms, bluesy riffs and bar-room shouting. It's an album as sleazy and simple in its desires as its title suggests it will be. The Glasspack play a wild-eyed fuzzed-up rock and roll, the sort of thing you should drink whiskey and crash hot-rods to. This is clearly the work of people who love to play guitar for long periods of time and as loudly as possible, but who aren't too fussed about super-technical virtuosity. Sure, there are blistering solos here – plenty of them, in fact – but they're fairly simple blues-scale licks, played loose and ragged. The little slips in timing are a layer of realism that adds to the power of the music, which sounds live and gritty, as if it were recorded in one take. The vocals are just a shade overdone, hinting at parody rather than homage, but the overall effect is a focus on good honest fuzz-box fun. As the album progresses, things widen out a bit to encompass a slightly psychedelic feel, with the bridges and solos veering into full-on wig-out territory. If you're familiar with Monster Magnet's early material, you'll have some idea of the place the Glasspack are driving to, and the routes they're taking to get there. It's a place with a good stock of alcohol and other recreational substances, a few girls of easy virtue ... and, according to one of the songs, they'll probably be stopping for a barbecue sandwich on the way. They've captured all the sleaze and excess of rock and roll without falling into the black hole of self-congratulation, and that's the sort of thing I really enjoy hearing. Fans of the more serious and po-faced end of rock may want to steer clear, but anyone who enjoys the sound of loud guitar for nothing but its own sake will enjoy taking a ride with the Glasspack.

Track Listing:-
1 Taming Of The Ram
2 Fastback
3 My Curse
4 Lot Lizard
5 Ice Cream, But No Reply
6 Fire In The Trailer Park
7 Super Sport
8 Play It Loud (With The Rock N' Roll Outlaw)
9 Lizard Reprise
10 Louisiana Strawberry
11 Farewell Little Girl

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