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Small Stone Records


Abrahma (2012)

Through the Dusty Paths of Our Lives
Satisfying stoner rock on debut album from psychedelic-influenced Parisian trio, Abrahama

Acid King (2005)

Strong third album from power trio Acid King, which will be enjoyed by fans of doom rock

Brain Police (2008)

Beyond the Wasteland
Timeless old-school stoner rock on fourth album from Brain Police, who are a Top Ten act in their native Iceland

Dixie Witch (2003)

One Bird Two Stones
Excellent "Southern rock" on second album from the multi-bowed Detroit-based power trio, Dixie Witch, whose many virtues include a singing drummer

Dwellers (2012)

Good Morning Harakiri
Unsurprising, but solid stoner rock on debut album from Utah-based band, Dwellers

Five Horse Johnson (2003)

Last Men On Earth
Enjoyable, but unexceptional blues rock from long-serving boogie-loving Midwesterners, Five Horse Johnson

Giant Brain (2007)

Gripping psychedelic krautrock on instrumental debut album from new Detroit band, Giant Brain

Giant Brain (2009)

Thorn of Thrones
Kraftwerk-influenced second album from largely instrumental Detroit trio Giant Brain, which will appeal to fans of experimental, space and stoner rock alike

Glasspack (2004)

Raw booze-fuelled rock that will prove appealing to fans of Five Horse Johnson, Alabama Thunder Pussy and similar stoner rock acts

Glasspack (2007)

Dirty Women
Sleazy, but self-parodying and unpretentious guitar rock from Kentucky-based band, the Glasspack

Gozu (2013)

The Fury of a Patient Man
Intensely emotional and compelling second album from Boston-based hard rock outfit, Gozu

Greenleaf (2003)

Secret Alphabets
Efficient, but predictable Scandinavian stoner rock from Greenleaf, a side project of members of Dozer and Demon Cleaner

Greenleaf (2007)

Agents Of Ahriman
Fine-focused third album from Swedish group Greenleaf who cast old familiar objects in an entirely new light with their unique brand of stoner rock

Hackman (2007)

The New Normal
Moodily tongue-in-cheek stoner rock on debut album from new Boston trio, Hackman

Halfway To Gone (2004)

Halfway To Gone
Blues-based heavy rock from New Jersey power trio, Halfway Gone, which proves to be a strong improvement on their sludgy debut offering

Iota (2008)

Engaging space metal on excellent debut album from Salt Lake City power trio, Iota

Ironweed (2009)

Indian Ladder
Unsubtle, but compelling stoner rock on debut album from Albany, New York-based group, Ironweed

Isaak (2013)

The Longer the Beard the Harder the Sound
Excellent expanded and remastered new version of second album from last year for Italian stoner rockers, Isaak

Lord Fowl (2013)

Moon Queen
Fantastic 70’s-influenced heavy rock that has been given a modern update on second album from Connecticut-based band, Lord Fowl

Los Natas (2006)

El Hombre Montana
Electic stoner-influenced rock on fourth album from Argentinian group, Los Natas

Mangoo (2012)

Perfect combination of psychedelic rock, grunge and stoner rock on second album from Finnish group, Mangoo

Mellow Bravo (2012)

Mellow Bravo
Pleasantly diverse self-titled second album from 70's-influenced garage rockers, Mellow Bravo

Miss Lava (2013)

Red Supergiant
Torturous stoner rock on second album from Portugese-based group, Miss Lava

Mos Generator (2007)

Songs for Future Gods
Unashamedly retro latest album from excellent stoner rock outfit Mos Generator who take as a blueprint the classic 70's heavy metal sounds of bands such as Deep Purple and Thin Lizzy

Novadriver (2005)

Deeper High
Evocative second album from space rockers Novadriver, whose concerns otherwise remain decidely earthy

Porn (2004)

Wine, Women And Song
Disappointing debut album from Porn, which despite including in its line-up Melvins drummer Dale Crover and stoner-rock producer Billy Anderson as its bassist, doesn't live up to the promise of its participants

Puny Human (2008)

Universal Freak Out
Irreverent stoner rock with a strong emphasis on humour on third album from New York lunatics Puny Human

Red Giant Blues (2004)

Devil Child Blues
Excellent outer-space rock on second album from red Giant, one of the few bands in the stoner/doom/desert rock canon to really be stamped with its own character

Roadsaw (2009)

See You in Hell
Appealing stoner rock on comeback album from Boston-based hard rock outfit, Roadsaw

Sasquatch (2007)

Glorious 60's-influenced garage rock on second album from Los Angeles trio Sasquatch

Sasquatch (2004)

Thundering power rock, which stands out from the rest of the pack, on impressive debut album by Sasquatch

Sasquatch (2013)

Fiery combination of straight-up rock and stoner anthems on fine fourth album from Californian trio, Sasquatch

Shame Club (2008)

Come On
Formulaic 1970's-influenced hard rock on third album from Saint Louis, Missouri-based group, Shame Club

Skanska Mord (2013)

Paths to Charon
Enjoyable 1970's-influenced second album from Swedish heavy rock/psychedelic act, Skanska Mord

Slot (2007)

The Sweet Black Bear
Long overdue retrospective from Pixies and My Bloody Valentine-influenced American shoegazers Slot, released in the wake of guitarist Billy Rivkin's untimely death from cancer

Sons Of Otis (2009)

Slow-paced latest album from doom-laden, but durable Toronto-based space rockers, Sons of Otis

Sons Of Otis (2005)

Fourth album from Toronto stoner rock trio Sons of Otis, which proves to be a strong return to form after their disappointing last album, 'Songs of Worship'

Throttlerod (2003)

Hell And High Water
Effective, hard-hitting “Southern Rock” from Throttlerod, which manages to move beyond all the usual cliches of the genre

Tummler (2003)

Early Man
Unremarkable stoner rock from Tummler whose music "huffs from the same bong as Nebula and Fu Manchu"

Valis (2004)

Head Full Of Pills
Capably solid third album from stoner rock group Valis, whom include among their number Screaming Trees guitarist Van Conner

Various (2007)

Sucking the 70's-Back in the Saddle Again
Appealing second double CD compilation from Detroit stoner rock label Small Stone, which finds several of its acts and their like-minded friends once more playing covers of songs by 70's guitar acts such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Grand Funk and Rush

Wo Fat (2013)

The Black Code
Competent, but somewhat unimaginative 70's-influenced heavy rock from Texan trio, Wo Fat

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