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Los Natas - El Hombre Montana

  by Andrew Carver

published: 20 / 10 / 2006

Los Natas - El Hombre Montana
Label: Small Stone Records
Format: CD


Electic stoner-influenced rock on fourth album from Argentinian group, Los Natas

Los Natas began their career as Argentina’s premier Kyuss-worshippers. Unlike other bands that worship at the altar of the founders of desert rock, Los Natas have mutated their style over the course of several albums, exploring different musical branches of the tree of fuzz rock. ‘Ciudad de Brahman’, their debut album, took musical cuses from the prog and hard rock of the early 1970's. On their previous album, ‘Toba Trance’, they dedicated three long tracks to blending Indian ragas, South American folk music and mind-melting psyche. By comparison, its predecessor ‘Corsario Negro’ was an 11-track stoner-doom-space rock machine. While ‘El Hombre’, which is their fourth album, returns to the briefer track lengths of ‘Corsario’, it folds speedier numbers in with the sombre trudge of straight-ahead doom. It also gives greater prominence to Sergio Chotsourian’s vocals. The twisting squeals and lockstep rhythm of leadoff track ‘El Bolsero’ devolves into the ultra-fuzzy motor-rock of bands like Fu Manchu, while ‘La Espada en la Piedra’ and ‘El Soldado’ swerve even closer to punk rock. For Natas fans hankering for the glacial thud and drone of ‘Corsario’, there are songs like ‘Humo Negro del Vaticano’, which introduces itself with caveman drums and huge swathes of fuzz guitar. Of course, Los Natas do more than fiddle with the tempo of the tunes and the setting of their fuzz pedals, turning songs on their heads by adding surfy licks to the grinding entry of ‘Humo Negro del Vaticano’ and a long coda to ‘La Espada en la Piedra’. Los Natas also include a few acoustic numbers, ‘El Camino de Dios’ and closer ‘Sigue, Sigue ...’ to further enliven the mix.

Track Listing:-
1 El Bolsero
2 Amanecer Blanco
3 No Es lo Mismo
4 Humo Negro del Vaticano
5 La Espada en la Piedra
6 El Ciervo
7 El Camino de Dios
8 De las Cenizas, El Hombre...
9 El Soldado
10 Lanza Ganado
11 Sigue, Sigue...

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