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Dixie Witch - One Bird Two Stones

  by Andrew Carver

published: 9 / 11 / 2003

Dixie Witch - One Bird Two Stones
Label: Small Stone Records
Format: CD


Excellent "Southern rock" on second album from the multi-bowed Detroit-based power trio, Dixie Witch, whose many virtues include a singing drummer

Dixie Witch is a somewhat unusual bird — a southern rock power trio with a singing drummer. And what a drummer! Trinidad’s drums and Clayton’s guitar work together as two lead instruments. Bassist CC provides a solid underpinning for Trinidad and Clayton, and also sings, throatily but effectively,  on one song, 'More of A Woman'. But most of the vocals are handled, as previously noted, by Trinidad, who In addition to being a first-rate drummer is also a fine singer. He sounds a bit like a more soulful Dave Wyndorf. It’s a pleasure just to hear him go “Yeah, yeah, oh-oh-woah!” on the outro of 'Goin’ South'. He turns in a particularly fine performance on 'The Wheel', a heartfelt band-on-the-road song that obliterates all cliches in its path. This collection of talent is unfortunately somewhat undermined by slightly dodgy production. The bass drum, for one, sounds like it’s been buried out back, the crash cymbal isn’t nearly crashy enough for my taste. Fortunately, the guitar fares much better — Clayton’s gear generates a nice, fluty cry here, a searing crunch there — but there’s still a slight “bite” missing. Despite the occasional lapses into mud-o-phonic sound, the strength of the songwriting and playing shines through. 'One Bird' is an excellent album; the band also has a stellar live reputation, and is clearly one to check out, either at your local bar or on disc.

Track Listing:-
1 Get Busy
2 Goin' South
3 More Of A Woman
4 The Wheel
5 On My Way
6 Drifting Lady
7 Makes Me Crazy
8 Turbo Wing
9 Here Today Gone Tomorrow
10 Traveler

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