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Shame Club - Come On

  by Andrew Carver

published: 3 / 9 / 2008

Shame Club - Come On
Label: Small Stone Records
Format: CD


Formulaic 1970's-influenced hard rock on third album from Saint Louis, Missouri-based group, Shame Club

Shame Club are a four-man rock outfit from Saint Louis, Missouri with an alleged fondness for 1970's American hard rock in the vein of ZZ Top and Aerosmith, chased down with a dash of speedier late-70's fare like the Ramones. That sounds like a winning combination for rock fans, but something about most of ‘Come On’, their third album, but first album for noted heavy rock label Small Stone, doesn’t quite hang together. The riffs powering tunes like ‘How Far’ cop their moves from outfits like AC/DC but don’t reach far enough to distinguish them from the chugalug tunes being peddled by unsung local bar band, as well as sticking around past their due date. The pleading tones of lead singer Jon Lumley are lightly limned with post-grunge angst, which may be a draw for some but subtly undermine tunes like ‘Don’t Feel Like Making Love’. A raunchier approach would likely have worked better (and made the song seem amusingly smartass, instead of a bit whiney). There are undoubtedly hard rockers out there more than ready to bang their heads to Shame Club’s chunky southern-tinged rock; reports also describe a blistering live show. However, ‘Come On’ isn’t the first album to turn to when you need a good dose of hard rock.

Track Listing:-
1 Transamerica
2 I Just Want You To Be Free
3 How Far
4 Don't Feel Like Making Love
5 Light Shines
6 Can You Feel It
7 Alicia Circles
8 Jonestown
9 Chasm
10 Sweet Mercy's Gate
11 I Ain't Surprised
12 Lurch

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