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Lord Fowl - Moon Queen

  by Dave Goodwin

published: 12 / 1 / 2013

Lord Fowl - Moon Queen
Label: Small Stone Records
Format: CD


Fantastic 70’s-influenced heavy rock that has been given a modern update on second album from Connecticut-based band, Lord Fowl

Lord Fowl were formed in New Haven, Connecticut, and come from a long line of Small Stone Records bands, all churning out fuzz-drenched rock and roll in great style. But this is no ordinary rock and roll outfit. Lord Fowl bring their 70’s influenced rock kicking and screaming into the 21st century. It's not just another Black Sabbath fest though. You'll find hidden in this gem of an album smatterings of Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple, and there is even, dare I say, a bit of glam rock in the form of Bolan or Thin Lizzy. But it has that 'now' feeling written all over it. The band consists of John Conine, Don Freeman, Vechel Jaynes and Mike Pellegrino, and this offering comes off the back of their debut album, ‘Endless Dynamite’. This album kicks off on a gentle note with title track, ‘Moon Queen’. Mike Pellegrino leads us in for around 20 odd seconds on guitar before the rest of the band stomp on the fuzz and the head banging starts. ‘Moon Queen’ is one of those tracks that is blessed with everything from great riffs, fine solos to some fine drumming from Freeman. ‘Touch Your Groove’ takes a little listening to be perfectly honest but once you get it your brain it is hard to let go. 'Split' is a full-on rock number with a bass-heavy riff, while 'Woman King' slows you right down with its stunning, laidback fuzz. There’s a real quality and diversity on ‘Moon Queen’ to the playing and the song writing. Lord Fowl can play just as good as they can create, even down to the glam rock Bowie-esque 'Jean Jeanie-' influenced 'Quicksand'. Lord Fowl are also blessed with two, yes you heard it, two different main vocalists in Jaynes and Pellegrino. The diversity continues with the boogie-sounding ‘Split’, and we are treated to a monstrous, grinding slab of utter rock in ‘Mutate’. “Streets of Evermore” has a Judas Preist-type tinge to it. We come to a rest with the last track 'Pluto' with its melancholic but twinkling start. This is for me the starlet of the album. Give it a special listen as it is worth it. The sound and production on here is monstrous, and the quality of the instrument playing is second to none. I'm not a great fan of heavy rock, but this knocks the shit out of me.

Track Listing:-
1 Moon Queen
2 Touch Your Groove
3 Split
4 Mutate
5 Streets Of Evermore
6 Dirty Driving
7 Woman King
8 The Queen Is Not Impressed
9 Quicksand
10 SOS
11 Hollow Horn
12 Pluto

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