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Mangoo - Neverland

  by Adrian Huggins

published: 10 / 7 / 2012

Mangoo - Neverland
Label: Small Stone Records
Format: CD


Perfect combination of psychedelic rock, grunge and stoner rock on second album from Finnish group, Mangoo

Mangoo are from Finland apparently, which is nice. What is nicer is the fuzzy-fun that they create with their (at times) Zepplein-duelling-with-AC/DC and Chris Cornell sound. Not quite as over-blown and self -indulgent as Zeppelin but with a pinch more depth than AC/DC, these Fins really know how to rock. Fuzz is the key I find with Mangoo’s sound, although they also lean toward the happy end of a grunge band. They also have put out an album that could have been made any time over the past forty years To throw some other bands into the mix I got the feeling by the fifth track ‘You’ of more of a desert rock vibe - Now in the press blurb there’s a reference to Queens of the Stone Age, but, however, I would stick my face out and say that I get much more of a Kyuss vibe from Mangoo, only not quite as long for the most part. In wonderful contrast, the ninth track ’Moom’ (Whatever a ’moom’ is? One imagines some sort of Moomin based thing. They are from Finland after all), is a short, sharp rocky number which powers along nicely and begins to bring you back down for the epic ending. The latter few songs on the album, starting with ’Painted Black’ and including the brilliant album closer ’Datzun’, have a bit more bulk to them. They really show the band’s overall musicianship and we’re introduced to the higher end of guitarist, Mattarn’s axe. These longer, slightly more ambitious songs really see lead singer, the wonderfully named ‘Pickles’, who does draw comparisons with the aforementioned Chris Cornell, come into his own a bit more as well. My highlight of the album is the crescendo-laden ‘Hooks’ which is magic. It patiently works up to a huge chorus and almost sounds a bit like Pink Floyd doing their take on a Kyuss tune. ’Neverland’ really bridges the gaps between psychedelic rock, grunge, and stoner rock perfectly, not too much of any, but enough of all to keep fans of any of those genres more than interested. If any of those sounds up your alley, I don’t think Mangoo will disappoint you at all.

Track Listing:-
1 Intro
2 Neverland
3 Deathmint
4 Diamond in the Rough
5 You
6 Lose Yourself
7 Interlude
8 You, Robot
9 Moom
10 Painted Black
11 Hooks
12 Home
13 Datzun

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