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Sons Of Otis - X

  by Andrew Carver

published: 26 / 3 / 2005

Sons Of Otis - X
Label: Small Stone Records
Format: CD


Fourth album from Toronto stoner rock trio Sons of Otis, which proves to be a strong return to form after their disappointing last album, 'Songs of Worship'

From the down-tuned groan of guitars, to the chanting vocals; from the head-thumping sludge of the bass to the ogreish trudge of the drums, no one will accuse Toronto’s Sons of Otis of reinventing the doom rock wheel. In fact, judging from the Neanderthal crunch that dominates their fourth album, the Sons of Otis do not know what a “wheel” is (fire is that stuff they use to light their bongs …). On the slowness scale, the Sons of Otis aren’t quite as “fast” (I use the term advisedly) as Electric Wizard, but they aren’t back in the four-beats a minute crowd with Sunn o))). Vocalist Ken Baluke sounds like Monster Magnet’s Dave Wyndorf growling at the end of a wind tunnel, while his riffs come plummeting out of space with a howl like the celestial wind (er, I mean he uses a few effects). The rhythm section – Ryan Aubin on drums, Frank Sargeant on bass - trundles along like a steamroller being driven by a man in no hurry at all. Among the songs is a reprise of the title track of their 'Pusher' 10-inch, and six other mightily stoned space anthems, ranging in length from four minutes to 14. While not quite at the peak of their debut full-length 'Spacejumbofudge', 'X' is still a very good way for the band to celebrate its 10th anniversary, and definitely a step up from their last album, 'Songs of Worship.'

Track Listing:-
1 Way I Feel
2 Relapse
3 1303
4 The Pusher
5 Help Me
6 Eclipse
7 Liquid Jam

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