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Paul Raven


Dillinger Escape Plan

Having had to cancel their forthcoming European tour due to guitarist Ben Weinman breaking his foot, Paul Raven speaks to bassist Liam Wilson from hardcore outfit Dillinger Escape Plan about the recording of their new album @Ire Works' and working with Mike Patton

Young Gods

Seminal Swiss act the Young Gods recently released their first album in seven years, 'Super Ready/Fragmente'. At a show in London, Paul Raven speaks to front man Franz Treichler about the group's recent return to their industrial roots and the violence that has inspired the new albun


Soundtrack of Our Lives

In the latest in our series, in which our writers write about the impact of music at important times in their lives, Paul Raven tells of how with everything against him and his life in mess Feeder's single 'High' provided comfrot and help


Dream Theater
Desoto Jones

Bleak but powerful post-apocalyptic debut album from U.S.S.A, the new band of former guitarist with the Jesus Lizard Duane Denison and Ministry bassist, Paul Barker
Flamboyant and bombastic, but thoroughly enjoyable retrospective collection from New York-based group and guilty pleasure Dream Theater which will appeal to all fans of epic rock
Gritty-sounding, riff-centred rock on excellent fourth album from visionary Icelandic stoner band, Minus
Overproduced, but forceful and diverse debut album from emo rock act Desoto Jones

Brain Police
Puny Human
Laboratory Noise
Dillinger Escape Plan

Timeless old-school stoner rock on fourth album from Brain Police, who are a Top Ten act in their native Iceland
Irreverent stoner rock with a strong emphasis on humour on third album from New York lunatics Puny Human
Diverse new EP on debut offering from early 90's revivalists and shoegazing group Laboratory Noise
Stunning new album from inventive metal/hardcore act the Dillinger Escape Plan which finds them pushing in a surprising new pop direction

A Thousand Suns
Zico Chain
Sexton Ming
Untitled Musical Project

Catchy and versatile rock from experimental and boldly alternative new Cardiff-based group A Thousand Suns
Convincingly aggressive and fast-paced rock on second album from UK alternative rockers, the Zico Chain
Madcap new album from Medway punk poet and long term Billy Childish collaborator, Sexton Ming
Fine balance of surreal humour and punk/metal on debut album from Birmingham-based experimental trio Untitled Musical Project

Big Linda
Golden Section

Sleazy-sounding 60's-influenced garage rock on debut single from new band Big Linda
Powerful futuristic synth rock on new vinyl only single from British electronic duo Kontakte
Promising debut album from original-sounding electro-guitar outfit Golden Section who with a little more finesse and polish look set to be a force to be reckoned with
Thoughtful and passionate hardcore on latest EP from Japanese outfit Envy, who are signed to Mogwai's Rock Action Records

This Unique Museum
Mos Generator

Blissful and redemptive post rock with a touch of punk-metal and industrialism on new EP from Jesu, the latest project of ex-Napalm Death and Godflesh star Justin Broadrick
Uninspired ambient indie melancholia from This Unique Mueum, the project of singer-songwriter Ben Fitton
Flawed, but striking and moody combination of post rock, industrial music and metal on fourth album from the atmospheric Dirge
Unashamedly retro latest album from excellent stoner rock outfit Mos Generator who take as a blueprint the classic 70's heavy metal sounds of bands such as Deep Purple and Thin Lizzy

Les Savy Fav

Fine-focused third album from Swedish group Greenleaf who cast old familiar objects in an entirely new light with their unique brand of stoner rock
Angular, but catchy rock on first album in six years from the highly regarded madcap rockers Les Savy Fav
Excellent and thrilling debut album from intense Scottish post-hardcore outfit Serotone who reveal themselves to be an instant name to watch out for with their frantic and panicked music
Astonishingly mature collection of blues/garage rock on debut album from the Checks, a ahandful of youthful rockers from New Zealand who have recently moved to Britain

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