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Serotone - Shine Alone

  by Paul Raven

published: 6 / 9 / 2007

Serotone - Shine Alone
Label: Re-Action
Format: CDS


Intense and thoughtful download only debut single from very promising Scottish post-hardcore rockers, Serotone

Scotland's Serotone are a rarity – a young band who wear their influences on their sleeve, but manage to stake out a little bit of their own territory at the same time. It's hard to assess how diverse they can be from hearing a single track, but 'Shine Alone' is full of intensity and ideas; the complex and dense rhythmic themes of post-hardcore and math-rock are much in evidence, with a rich guitar sound that pushes at the edge of the sound-field and threatens to suck the listener into the maelstrom. Laid over it all are soaring vocals, high and clear without straying into the whiny falsettos of emo, powerful enough to carry over a busy mix of heavy music that has enough to detail to engage the ear. If Serotone can pull this off live, there'll be shortage of gigs in the offing ... and if they can write an album on which half the songs are this strong, they'll have a good chance of making the grade. Watch this space.

Track Listing:-
1 Shine Alone

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Equilibria (2007)
Excellent and thrilling debut album from intense Scottish post-hardcore outfit Serotone who reveal themselves to be an instant name to watch out for with their frantic and panicked music

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