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Kut - The Vision EP

  by Paul Raven

published: 8 / 7 / 2007

Kut - The Vision EP
Label: Criminal Records
Format: CDS


Intriguing blend of trip-hop, indie rock and jazz from South London-based all female group the Kut

Now, this is interesting – an EP that defies easy categorisation, which is increasingly becoming one of the reliable markers of music worth listening to. The Kut make a sort of super-soporific downbeat blend of trip-hop, indie rock and jazz. The whole deal is carried by the sexily aloof and world-weary vocals of singer Maha, but there's lots more than that going on: add some crunchy 8-bit percussion, fuzzy guitars playing simple droning jagged chords or little bluesy hooks, and meandering basslines. It's moody - a trifle bleak, but with a rainy-day beauty. Some moments are almost pure pop, but others are full of hazy introspection and whimsical melancholy; imagine a teenage incarnation of Kelli Dayton hanging out with a bunch of early 90s indie kids who've overdosed on old soul records and painkillers. Should we ever get a summer this year, and should you be the type to stay up all night by whatever means necessary, this would make a great EP to listen to while leaning out of your window for a smoke as you watch the sun come up. I'm keen to see what this lot could do with a full album length release.

Track Listing:-
1 The Vision
2 Sevens
3 The Vision (Murda Mix)
4 The Vision (Living Dead Mix)

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