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Big 'N (2011)

Dying Breed
Underwhelming singles and rarities compilation from recently reformed 1990's hardcore act, Big N'

C'mon Tigre (2015)

C'mon Tigre
Excellent debut album from global Italian duo C'mon Tigre, which was recorded across most of the continents of the world

Conformists (2010)

Three Hundred
Unpleasant and nasty Steve Albini-produced reissue of now disbanded St Louis, Missouri-based group, the Conformists

Extra Life (2012)

Dream Seeds
Theatrical and bombastic debut album from Brooklyn-based avant-garde rockers, Extra Life

Io Monade Stanca (2009)

The Impossible Story of Bubu
Intriguing combination of blues and math rock on debut album from Italian group, Io Monade Stanca

Martha's Vineyard Ferries (2013)

Mass. Grave
Manic new wave pop on debut album from super group Martha's Vineyard Ferries, which includes in its line-up Shellac's Bob Weston and Come's Chris Brokaw

Marvin (2010)

Hangover the Top
Initially harsh, but ultimately very impressive second album from loud French post rock trio, Marvin

Marvin (2013)

Genre-defying, but loud third album from remarkable Montpellier-based experimental trio, Marvin

Micah Gaugh (2013)

The Blue Fairy Mermaid Princess
Excellent avant garde jazz from saxophonist, novelist and opera composer Mical Gaugh, which, while recorded between 1994 and 1997, has until now been unreleased

Papaye (2011)

La Chaleur
Thrilling jazz-influenced post-hardcore on debut album from enigmatic French act, Papaye

Papier Tigre (2012)

Unpredictable hardcore on third album from French-based three-piece, Papier Tigre

Passe Montagne (2009)

Oh My Satan
Loud and furious debut album from thunderous instrumental French group Passe Montagne, which despite a brief running time of just over twenty minutes is packed with ideas

Peter Kernel (2011)

White Death and Black Heart
Technically inept but absolutely wonderful second album from infectious Swiss-Canadian punk three piece, Peter Kernel

Powerdove (2013)

Do You Burn?
Evocative combination of post rock and post folk on second album from Powerdove, the project of Minnesota-based musician Annie Lewandowski

Shelley Short (2012)

Then Came the After
Competent and sweet-voiced, but uninspiring fifth album from Portland, Oregon-based singer-songwriter Shelley Short

Sole and DJ Pain 1 (2014)

Death Drive
Old school and political rap with modern beats on enjoyable album from American rap artist Sole and successful producer DJ Pain 1

Three Second Kiss (2013)

Distorted post rock on sixth album from Steve Albini-influenced Italian group, Three Second Kiss

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