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Io Monade Stanca - The Impossible Story of Bubu

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 7 / 11 / 2009

Io Monade Stanca - The Impossible Story of Bubu
Label: Africantape
Format: CD


Intriguing combination of blues and math rock on debut album from Italian group, Io Monade Stanca

Dirty Money, known at home as Io Monade Stanca, debuts outside of Italy with this fairy tale album of folkrock music, torn apart in a way of its own, and rid of chords assumed to have gone missing, which nonetheless set the pace. 'The Impossible Story of Bubu' sets out to melt blues and math-rock in one touch and go. Logic has it that the eerie Italian combo must at least once come to a halt, to reconsider the zany patterns that their guitarists are following. Rushing to overwhelm the world with snares, this blending and pairing of chords and orchestrals, momentarily appears surreal. Raw and rudimentary in style, the vocals oftebn remain entirely indecipherable, the backing musicians try very hard to knock over any previous Magic Band attempt made at square perfection. 'The Impossible Story of Bubu' most of all marks the merging, or melting, of grim, industrial guitar music with uplifting and uptempo metropolitan jigs. Luckily enough, Io Monade Stanca consists of streetwise cornersound wizzards, putting together the unlikely sounds from each quarter block. A trio, rather than a quartet, Io Monade Stanca, continue in a fashion or tradition deemed longlost after the demise of SST Records. 'The Impossible Story of Bubu' tells the really sunny story of guitar battles fought at a beach near the Mediterranean.

Track Listing:-
1 Abete 4321234
2 Vogrig e sufficiente
3 Federico Borelli
4 Datemi subito 10 euro
5 Roncea
6 Cacciaviti
7 Cristiani non siete cresciuti

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