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Extra Life - Dream Seeds

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 27 / 6 / 2012

Extra Life - Dream Seeds
Label: Africantape
Format: CD


Theatrical and bombastic debut album from Brooklyn-based avant-garde rockers, Extra Life

The album 'Dream Seeds' begs for knowledge and insight into religion. The bombast, the torment and the devotion are hard to deal with when you, like me, are not just atheist but fully ignorant of it. Extra Life achieve the maximum effect in creating drama with a message. Mainly because of vocalist Charlie Looker's very extrovert performance, 'Dream Seeds' almost disguises the quality of its concept. The ballad 'Little One' provides a perfect moment of contemplation as Looker's gymnastic choir boy enthusiasm nears calmness. The harsh orchestration suits it very well. It's church music that goes clang!

Track Listing:-
1 No Dreams Tonight
2 Righteous Seed
3 Discipline for Edwin
4 Little One
5 First Song
6 Blinded Beast
7 Ten Year Teardrop

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