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Papaye - La Chaleur

  by Paul Waller

published: 29 / 1 / 2011

Papaye - La Chaleur
Label: Africantape
Format: CD


Thrilling jazz-influenced post-hardcore on debut album from enigmatic French act, Papaye

I can only imagine how amazing Papaye are live as over the course of the past fortnight they have rocked their way through my very veins. I am infected with this masterpiece of jazzy post hardcore. I love this album to bits. From the packaging and the internet I can find out very little except that the band are French and are formed from members of Tyre, Room 204 and Komandant Cobra (No?, Me neither). At least from my memory of French lessons I know that the title translates to mean 'The Heat'. How they will fare on our shores is anybody’s guess? If the likes of All Tomorrow's Parties picked up something like this I could see them breaking huge. The twelve tracks on offer here have no vocals whatsoever and if you want to talk about a band being mathy, well 'La Chaleur' make Foals’ 'Antidotes' LP sound positively GCSE whilst Papaye are taking their masters degree. It’s a special record and one that anybody into underground and groundbreaking music will probably love as much as I do. When I usually gush over a band like this they tend to dwell in obscurity for ever more and I hope that doesn’t happen here. It’s noisy, it’s uneasy listening and a whole lot of fun. 'La Chaleur' is by far the most exciting thing to happen to my 2011 so far. Bring it on!

Track Listing:-
1 Gym Tonus
2 Rabbit Krueger
3 La Sueur
4 Greatest Heat
5 Cheval Téléscopique
6 Fraîcheur Et Saveur
7 Watermellon Frappé
8 Tuna Island
9 Vert Et Volant
10 Florence Arthaud
11 Fémur De Femme
12 Mégaplus

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