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Static Caravan


Ampop (vs Plastik) (2002)

Made For Market
Surprising "pop" release on the established ambient label, Static Caravan, from "the new Erasure", Ampop

Big Eyes Family Players and Friends (2012)

Folk Songs II
Evocative and haunting reworkings of traditional folk tunes by Sheffield six piece Big Eyes and friends,which will, however, perhaps be enjoyed most by those who know the original songs

Culture Industry (2004)

Dj Ascetic Loves Himself Badly
Substandard avant garde art punk from London-based four piece, who include PilL, Joy Division and the Velvet Underground amongst their influences

D_rradio (2003)

Dust And Guitars
"Gorgeously harmonic dub" from d_rradio, the latest act to release an EP in Static Caravan's 7" series

Dan Haywood's New Hawks (2012)

John's Shoes
Epic folk rock on vinyl only single from Lancaster-based musician Dan Haywood and his nine-peice band, the New Hawks

Dark Sky Singers (2011)

The Harrowing
Orchestral pastiche of folk and pop on stunning debut single from Newcastle-based collective, the Dark Sky Singers

D-rradio (2004)

Bubbly electronica on debut mini-album from latest Static Caravan recruits and signings, d-rradio

Free School (2015)

Dancing on the Dark
Eccentric but inventive album from Birmingham-based band Free School, which takes some of its influence from 1980's electronica

Goodnight Lenin (2011)

Wenceslas Square EP
Anthemic and urgent folk rock on flawed six song EP from Birmingham-based band, Goodbye Lenin

Grace Period (2002)

Mod Killer / Sunny And Share
Beautifully packaged 7" from new experimental group with seeming sixties obsession

Hannah Peel (2010)

You Call This Your Home
Essential second vinyl only single from London-based singer-songwriter, Hannah Peel

Hannah Peel (2011)

The Broken Wave
Fantastic folk pop debut album from young Irish-born singer-songwriter, Hannah Peel

Laura J Martin (2011)

The Hangman Tree
Eccentric but addictive folk pop on debut album from young flautist and multi-instrumentalist, Laura J. Martin

Laura J. Martin (2011)

Fabulous vinyl only debut single from flute-playing Liverpool chanteuse, Laura J. Martin

Laura J. Martin (2013)

Dazzle Days
Enthralling second album of lush folk pop from Merseyside-based singer and flautist, Laura J. Martin

Library Trust (2005)

Build Your Own Snowglobe
Eloquent 7" debut release from young acoustic/electronica based artist Robert Edwards who works under the moniker of the Library Trust, and which has been released on the Static Caravan label

Magnetophone (2002)

Relax It's The End Of Electronica
Confusing, but intriguing limited edition single on the Static Caravan label from "avant-garde" electronica act who are also signed to the 4AD label

Maps & Diagrams / Hardsleeper (2003)

Maps & Diagrams / Hardsleeper Split
Excellent new electronica on split 7" EP from Static Caravan label, introducing two new acts, Hardsleeper and Maps and Diagrams

Marcia Blaine School For Girls (2003)

Pink Sticks
Powerful loungy electronics from Glasgow threesome, which takes in elements of modern jazz composition

New Tellers / Electronic Eye Machine (2004)

No Control / Flashback Panic Attack
Excellent electronica on split single from the Static Caravan label, which is reminiscent of a Pickled Egg release

Oh Ruin (2010)

The Pillow Where Your Head Does Lay
Epic and romantic debut vinyl only single from Oh Ruin, the project of crooning Irish singer Eoin O'Ruinaigh

R.G. Morrison (2013)

Diamond Valley
Melancholic but uplifting folk pop on third album from thoughtful Devon-based band, R.G. Morrison

Serafina Steer (2007)

Peach Heart
Fragile neo folk on debut offering from Sefa, the moiniker for singer-songwriter Serafine Steer, which has come out on the always reliable Static Caravan label

Serafina Steer (2007)

Cheap Demo Bad Science
Sweet-in-sound, but foul-mouthed eccentric folk rock on debut album from London-based singer-songwriter Serafina Steer

Serafina Steer (2010)

Change is Good! Change is Good!
Imaginative folk pop on second album from London-based singer-songwriter Serafina Steer, who after having her trademark instrument of the harp stolen has switched with forcible effect to the synthesiser

Starless and Bible Black (2009)

Shape of the Shape
Fabulous, perfectly packaged album of folk and country rock from British-based band, Starless and Bible Black

Stendec (2002)

Typical "ambient and electronic distortion" on the Static Caravan label from techno boffins, Stendec

Steve Moore (2011)

Primitive Neural Pathways/Vaalbara
Turbulent-sounding electronica on uncompromising double album reissue from New York-based electronic musician and drone artist, Steve Moore

Tula (2011)

Don't Say a Word
Understated, but compelling vinyl only single from Swedish folk pop artist, Tula

Tunng vs. Dollboy (2005)

Tunng vs Dollboy / Dollboy vs Tunng
Low budget 7" split single on Static Caravan label, which showcases electro acts Dollboy and Tunng

Victories At Sea (2015)

Everything Forever
Over poppy but promising debut album from 80's-influenced Birmingham-based newcomers Victories At Sea, which is being released on vinyl in a limited edition of three hundred copies

Yellow Moon Band (2010)

Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World
Appealing, yet monotonous 1970's-influenced folk rock on debut album from partially Welsh instrumental trio, the Yellow Moon Band

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