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Magnetophone - Relax It's The End Of Electronica

  by Matthew Willson

published: 31 / 8 / 2002

Magnetophone - Relax It's The End Of Electronica
Label: Static Caravan
Format: 7"


Confusing, but intriguing limited edition single on the Static Caravan label from "avant-garde" electronica act who are also signed to the 4AD label

The clear vinyl, Static Caravan imprint and vintage computer punch card insert should endear this 7" release to electronica nerds everywhere before it even comes out of the sleeve. Musically it's definitely in the domain of the IDM nut, although it pushes boundaries rather than falling back on more generic examples of the genre. The A-side makes a subtle point with the title 'Relax, This is the End of Electronica', and indeed its laid-back but jaunty beat underlies a bizarre concoction of samples, discordant fuzz,high-pitched scratches, squeaks and crescendoes which seem to fizz out and burn up, leaving the listener rather non-plussed but nonetheless intrigued. The B-side is less accessible still, forgoing any discernible beat for a loosely sequenced dischord of high-pitched noises and background hum. Both sides of the record seem to call to mind a chopped up interpretation of the noise made by a detuned radio. Not for everyone then, but proof the avant-garde can relax and intrigue at the same time.

Track Listing:-
1 Relax, It's The End Of Electronica
2 Who Wouldn't Love You
3 Special Lady

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