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Ampop (vs Plastik) - Made For Market

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 8 / 7 / 2002

Ampop (vs Plastik) - Made For Market
Label: Static Caravan
Format: 7"


Surprising "pop" release on the established ambient label, Static Caravan, from "the new Erasure", Ampop

Don't think Static Caravan always just release glitschy ambient music ! There's a huge dose of 'pop' in Ampop. To be more precise, Ampop sound dangerously like the Pet Shop Boys. 'Made for Market' therefore is crisp, clear and cunning radio matter. The low budget marketing of this single is set out in a cinematic French style as the package, red vinyl on seven inch, features a leaflet cut from a Jean-Luc Godard filmography ,and the design is by Montélimar, which is the name of the nougat (candy) city along the River Rhine. So, we're talking late night BBC2 and arthouse cinema here. Yet, Ampop have way too much catchiness to be labelled as simply artschool wimps dabbling in daft esoterics. The 'Plastik mix' on the B side should both please the chilled-out raver posse and also a horde of unsuspecting radio listeners. Ampop are the new Erasure.

Track Listing:-
1 Made For Market
2 Made For Market (Plastik Remix)

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