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Rough Trade


Aberfeldy (2004)

Young Forever
Diverse indiepop, recorded entirely on one microphone, by new Edinburgh-based indiepop group, Aberfeldy

Adam Green (2008)

Sixes and Sevens
Upbeat and quirky fifth solo album from Moldy Peaches' frontman Adam Green, who shows himself on this to have become one of this decade’s best and most sophisticated songwriters.

Antony And The Johnsons (2009)

The Crying Light
Only gently progressive third album from Antony and the Johnsons, which while not moving on as much as many would have expected from his Mercury prize-winning last record, 'I Am A Bird, Now', remains a serious contribution from an unique talent

Antony And The Johnsons (2010)

Subtle and captivating fourth album from the much acclaimed Antony and the Johnsons

Arcade Fire (2005)

Arcade Fire Ep
Re-release of superb self-titled 2003 from highly acclaimed Montreal collective Arcade Fire

Are Weapons (2002)

New York Muscle
"Raucous, not-quite-four-minute melange of neo-punk noise" from much touted New York-based trio

Art Brut (2004)

Formed A Band
Excellent lo-fi 70's style punk from new band, Art Brut

Baby Shambles (2005)

F**k Forever
Radio unfriendly, but impressive new single from former Libertines frontman Pete Doherty's new project Baby Shambles, which is liable to prove "one of 2005's biggest indie anthems"

Belle And Sebastian (2003)

Dear Catastrophe Waitress
Latest album from Belle and Sebastian, which finds them restaking their claim to be one of Britain's most important bands

Boy Least Likely To (2005)

Little Donkey
Twee one track single from the Boy Most Likely To played on toy instruments and given away free at Christmas time in Rough Trade shops

Brakes (2006)

Hold Me in the River
Exuberant, urgent latest single from their new second album 'The Beatific Visions' for the much acclaimed Brakes

British Sea Power (2005)

Open Season
Very commercial, but ultimately disappointing second album from much acclaimed Brighton rockers, British Sea Power

Cornershop (2004)

Sugary new single from one-time British chart-toppers and indie rockers , Cornershop

David Kitt (2004)

Black And Red Notebook
Patchy covers album from the much acclaimed David Kitt, which, while remaining worth listening to, also proves to be heavily flawed

David Kitt (2006)

Not Fade Away
Diverse and pleasant singer-songwriter pop from David Kitt, Rough Trade's answer to Leonard Cohen

Delays (2003)

Long Time Coming
Joyous, jangly retro rock on second single from the much hyped Delays

Eddi Reader (2009)

Sings The Songs Of Robert Burns
Stunning reissue with extra tracks of Scottish folk artist Eddi Reader's 2003 album, who has taken several of Robert Burns' poems and songs and reworked them as her own

Fiery Furnaces (2003)

Gallowsbird's Bark
Lavishly praised debut album from versatile Anglophiles the Fiery Furnaces, which just about lives up to its hype

Jarvis Cocker (2009)

Further Complications
Matter-of-fact but ultimately dull second solo album from former Pulp frontman, Jarvis Cocker

Jeffrey Lewis (2007)

12 Crass Songs
Superb folk reworkings of songs from anarcho-punk group Crass' back catalogue from New York-based musician Jeffrey Lewis

Jenny Lewis With The Watson Twins (2006)

Rabbit Fur Coat
Likeable but not very inspiring indie and alt.country rock on debut solo album from Jenny Lewis, the glamorous frontwoman with Rilo Kiley

Kevin Tihista (2002)

Kevin Tihista's Red Terror
Atmospheric eponymous six track debut album from former Veruca Salt bass player, who was signed to deal after his friends secretly sent a demo tape off to Atlantic Records.

Libertines (2002)

What A Waster/i Get
Controversial and already radio banned debut EP from newsworthy London based garage band , the Libertines

Libertines (2007)

The Best of the Libertines
Compilation 'Best of' album of the Libertines' short career, which, while offering nothing new even to the most casual fan, should be enjoyed on its own merits

Long Blondes (2006)

Once and Never Again
Catchy, lyrically clever new single from much acclaimed Sheffield-based band, the Long Blondes

Palma Violets (2013)

Excellent indie guitar rock on bestselling debut album from highly regarded London-based band, Palma Violets

Strokes (2001)

Is This It
As you should all know by now, The Strokes are a five-piece old-school punk band from New York, and over the last nine months have gone from being incredibly obscure to number two in the UK album char

Strokes (2003)

Room On Fire
"Catchy" second album from the much-loved the Strokes, which, while betraying no new influences, proves to be slightly more diverse than their first album

Various (2008)

Rough Trade Shops Counter Culture 07
Variable compilation in their annual 'Counter Culture' series from the Rough Trade label including sveral of the main acts on the current alternative scene including Dan Deacon, No Age, Pete & the Pirates, Von Sudenfed and Of Montreal

Wolfman (2004)

For Lovers
Side project debut from the Libertines' Pete Doherty, which finds him moving into grown-up romantic balladry



Mull Historical Society
Interview Mull Historical Society - Interview

In the last few months, the Mull Historical Society have come to be seen as one of the most promising new bands in Britain, and have signed to Rough Trade (which, in turn, has started to label itself the most talked about label in Britain). High profile s

Underground Railroad
Interview Underground Railroad - Interview

At a gig at Rough Trade East in London, Sarah Maybank speaks to Parisian alt-rock band about their recent move to London, and their well-received, grunge-influenced second album, 'Sticks and Stones'


Jarvis Cocker and Jeffrey Lewis, Looking Rough at 30, Academy, Manchester,
Academy, Jarvis Cocker - Academy,

At the Manchester Academy, Sophie Hall enjoys distinctly offbeat sets from both Jarvis Cocker and Jeffrey Lewis, who were on tour together to commemorate Rough Trade's 30th anniversary

Jon DeRosa
Rough Trade, Nottingham, 27/4/2015 Jon DeRosa - Rough Trade, Nottingham, 27/4/2015

Despite having missed half of his set, Dave Goodwin watches New Jersey-born singer-songwriter Jon DeRosa put on a mesmeric performance at an unaccompanied acoustic gig at Rough Trade in Nottingham

Kristin Hersh
Rough Trade East, London, 25/10/2018 Kristin Hersh - Rough Trade East, London, 25/10/2018

Dastardly leaves home in South East London, late as usual, and risks losing his sanity in rush hour traffic for Kristin Hersh's intimate set at Rough Trade East.

Mark Eitzel
Rough Trade East, London, 13/2/2017 Mark Eitzel - Rough Trade East, London, 13/2/2017

Dastardly watches Mark Eitzel conquer the flu and launch his new album in style at an in-store at Rough Trade East in London

Nick Drake
Remembered for a While Launch, Rough Trade, Nottingham, 27/11/12015 Onry Ozzborn - Remembered for a While Launch, Rough Trade, Nottingham, 27/11/12015

Anthony Strutt attends a book launch at the new Rough Trade shop in Nottingham for new Nick Drake book, 'Remembered for a While'

Rough Trade East, London, 10/6/2009 Pretenders - Rough Trade East, London, 10/6/2009

Nearly 30 years on after he first saw them live as a teenager, Anthony Strutt finds the Pretenders still as powerful a live force as ever at an acoustic free gig at the Rough Trade East record shop in London

Rough Trade East, London, 6/10/2009 Raveonettes - Rough Trade East, London, 6/10/2009

At a surprise gig at Rough Trade East to promote their new album, 'In and Out of Control', Anthony Strutt watches garage rock duo the Raveonettes play a short, but perfect acoustic set

Rough Trade East, London, 11/12/2013 Toy - Rough Trade East, London, 11/12/2013

In the first of two record store appearances in a month to promote their new album 'Join the Dots', Anthony Strutt watches young psychedelic-influenced rockers Toy play a breathtaking show at Rough Trade East...

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