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Baby Shambles - F**k Forever

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 11 / 8 / 2005

Baby Shambles - F**k Forever
Label: Rough Trade
Format: CDS


Radio unfriendly, but impressive new single from former Libertines frontman Pete Doherty's new project Baby Shambles, which is liable to prove "one of 2005's biggest indie anthems"

What ever you may think of his fucked up personal life, you have to admit that Pete Doherty writes great songs. It just takes ages to get them released. A title such as ‘Fuck Forever’ hardly makes this song radio or Top of the Pops friendly, and Doherty even jokes about this in the lyrics. ‘Fuck Forever’ is very clever indeed. Doherty’s lazy vocals make him sound like he isn’t even there. He probably wasn’t anyhow. The guitar work on it has a firm, gritty edge to it, giving it an unpolished sound, and this will definitely become one of 2005’s biggest indie anthems. ‘Monkey Casino’, which appears on the first of the two CD formats in which ‘Fuck Forever’ is being released, also has its moments. It has a cool groove, and is like the Libertines trying to be the Sex Pistols. ‘East of Eden’, which appears on the second CD, is strange, as it is really just a skiffle number. It is perky and fun. The second CD also features ‘Baby Shambles’, the group’s previous record and debut single. The vocal is a little mumbled, and it is messy but fun. A manic guitar solo and some mad-as-Hell drums give it a very cool groove. The B side of the black vinyl 7 inch is ‘Black Boy Lane’. It is bass heavy and guitar led, and has the feel of a dubby clash number.

Track Listing:-
1 Fuck Forever (Original)
2 Monkey Casino

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