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Are Weapons - New York Muscle

  by Cila Warncke

published: 19 / 1 / 2002

Are Weapons - New York Muscle
Label: Rough Trade
Format: CDS


"Raucous, not-quite-four-minute melange of neo-punk noise" from much touted New York-based trio

A raucous, not-quite-four-minute melange of neo-punk noise, the sophomore single from New York-based trio A.R.E. Weapons comes crashing through the speakers like a Doc Martin-booted foot. Blending Sabotage-era Beastie Boys beats with street-wise vocals, and throwing in masses of distortion for that cheap 'n' gritty effect, 'New York Muscle' is the sound of a dive-bar band turned up to 11. Head-banging fun, if you fancy that sort of thing.

Track Listing:-
1 New York Muscle
2 Champion Chains (Original)
3 Champion Chains (Be Nice)

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