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Fantastic Negrito - Photoscapes

  by Philamonjaro

published: 3 / 7 / 2023

Fantastic Negrito - Photoscapes


Philamonjaro takes photos of Fantastic Negrito at 16 Toneladas in Valencia.

Fantastic Negrito had a short fifteen date tour this spring of Europe and UK, kicking off with an opening slot for Bruce Springsteen in Ferrana, Italy this past May 18th. Another Springsteen opening slot was added June 11 in Landgraaf, Netherlands. The Oakland, California-based singer-songwriter is a force of his own on stage. A ninety minute high-speed chase. A non-stop engagement with his audience. He rallies, prances, dances, chants and inspires. A man obsessed with songs to share. From a teen hustling on the streets, to a self-trained musician, Fantastic Negrito has a compelling story of an unlikely road to becoming a musician. It was those street-smarts that gave him the moxy to sneak into the University of Berkley, California campus. He then copied what the music students were learning and practicing in class. That’s determination. The result is a one-off sound of slow-soul, blues-rock, funk and shock. “Oh, I get knocked down, but I'm fast as lightning. I get knocked down, but I keep on fighting. I work so hard, you know where to find me here. Knock me down, I will keep on fighting. Take that bullshit, and turn it into good shit” (repeat) - 'Bullshit Anthem'. His most recent release 'Black Jesus, White Problems' has been out for a year and is worth the listen. If you want a great primer, check out his long-form music video released for 'Black Jesus, White Problems' Set List: Everything Went Wrong Chocolate Samurai Ain’t No Sunshine (Bill Withers) An Honest Man Oh Betty I’m So Happy I Could Cry Highest Bidder* In The Pines Trudoo* Bullshit Anthem Cold Dirty Water Son Of A Broken Man Lost In A Crowd Plastic Hamburger The Duffler Photographs by Philamonjaro www.philamonjaro.com

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Fantastic Negrito - Photoscapes

Fantastic Negrito - Photoscapes

Fantastic Negrito - Photoscapes

Fantastic Negrito - Photoscapes

Fantastic Negrito - Photoscapes

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