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Fantastic Negrito


Nell’s Jazz and Blues, London 28/7/2017

Fantastic Negrito - Nell’s Jazz and Blues, London 28/7/2017

Adrian Janes is impressed by the Grammy-nominated Fantastic Negrito's impassioned blend of blues, rock, funk and soul at Nell’s Jazz and Blues in London.

Bush Hall, London, 15/9/2016

Fantastic Negrito - Bush Hall, London, 15/9/2016

Adrian Janes watches Californian singer-songwriter Fantastic Negrito set alight the Bush Hall in London


Photoscapes (2023)

Fantastic Negrito - Photoscapes

Philamonjaro takes photos of Fantastic Negrito at 16 Toneladas in Valencia.


The Last Days of Oakland (2016)

First-rate debut from Oakland’s Fantastic Negrito is born of the blues but draws from a wide palette of black music

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