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Deep Elm


Appleseed Cast (2003)

Lost Songs
"Cohesive" new album from innovative emo group, the Appleseed Cast, which combines four updated and reworked old songs, with five brand new songs

Benton Falls (2003)

Guilt Beats Hate
Impressive new album from Benton Falls on Deep Elm, which unusually for the label looks more towards art-punk rather than emocore

Brandston (2003)

Death And Taxes
Classic "upbeat, energetic pop rock" from leading lights of the emo scene, Cleveland, Ohio's Brandtson

Brandtson (2002)

Dial In Sounds
"Masterful" emo release on the always reliable Deep Elm label from the impressive Brandston

Burns Out Bright (2004)

Distance And Darkness
Excellent debut EP from Burns Out Bright, which proves to be "an unashamed return to the classic emo-core" that gave their label Deep Elm its reputation

Camber (2002)

Wake Up and Be Happy
Focused and effective third album from New York's Camber, whichj while not the most naturally performed of records, shows them "capable of standing up with some of the leading lights of the emo scene"

Clair De Lune (2004)

Exciting debut album from latest Deep Elm signing Clairde Lune, which breaks new ground with its ghostly dramatism

Clair De Lune (2007)

Assisted Living
Bland second album from initally promising hardcore punks Clair de Lune

Desert City Soundtrack (2005)

Perfect Addiction
Gloomy but addictive piano led second album from Deep Elm signings Desert City Soundtrack

Desert City Soundtrack / Settlefish / Sounds Like Violence (2004)

Desert City Soundtrack / Settlefish / Sounds Like Violence
Highly recommended sampler album from Deep Elm label, which compiles together new and unreleased songs from three of the acts on their current roster

Drive Til Morning (2003)

Drive Til Morning
Subtle, sophisticated emo rock on debut Deep Elm label release by Francis Garcia, once of Fourth Grade Nothing and Pop Unknown, who now performs as a solo artist under the band name of Drive Til Morning

Eleven Minutes Away (2005)

Arson Followed Me Home
Impressive debut album from genre-defying Canadian group Eleven Minutes Away, the latest signings to Deep Elm

Fire Divine (2004)

Its All A Blur
Strong "blustery, empassioned indie rock" on debut EP from recent Deep Elm signing, the Fire Divine

Latterman (2005)

No Matter Where We Go...
Enthusiastic, but ulitmately uninspiring political post-hardcore pop from new Deep Elm signings, Latterman

Lock And Key (2004)

No Fate
Debut EP from Lock and Key, who are currently one of the heaviest bands on the Deep Elm roster

Lock And Key (2004)

Pull Up The Floorboards
Second release this year on the Deep Elm for Lock and Key, whose far too obvious similarities to Hot Water Music unfortunately let them down

Logh (2002)

Every Time A Bell Rings An Angel Get His Wings
Experimental "quiet and sparse" post rock release from Swiss band, Logh, on the well-established "emo" label, Deep Elm

Red Animal War (2002)

Black Phantom Crusades
"Classy" emo rock, with musical styles ranging from intricate hardcore, to anthemic rock, to loose jazz, from Texan based foursome, Red Animal War

Ride Your Bike (2008)

Bad News from the Bar
Dreary-sounding emo-rock on debut album from American-based act Ride Your Bike

Settlefish (2005)

The Plural Of The Choir
Broad-ranging and wildly ambitious fourth album from thoughtful Italian indie rockers Settlefish, which shows a great band establishing itself

Singer David (2002)

Civil Wars
Lyrically harrowing, but "richly detailed, lush...sublime pop" on second record by Chicago-based singer-songwriter, David Singer

Sounds Like Violence (2004)

The Pistol
Passionate, electic guitar rock from latest Deep Elm signing, Sounds Like Violence, whose music is as uncompromising as their name

Surrounded (2003)

Safety By Numbers
"Never far from beautiful" debut album from Surrounded, who despite their strong Sparklehorse and Mercury Rev influences, actually come from Växjö, in southern Sweden

Various (2005)

The New Crazy
Latest sampler from the ever prolific Deep Elm label, woth seeking out for its tracks by Sounds Like Violence and Settlefish alone

Various (2005)

This Is Indie Rock Volume 2
Second compilation of unsigned bands from the as always reliable Deep Elm label

Various (2005)

This Is Indie Rock: Volume One
Expansive debut in new compilation series from former spearheads of the "emo " genre Deep Elm, which aims to promote previously unheard indie rock bands

Various (2002)

Deep Elm Sampler No. 4: Hearts Bleed Blue
Essential budget-priced emo compilation from the Deep Elm label, which shows off some of the better known names on the scene

Various (2003)

Emo Is Awesome
Excellent sampler from the Deep Elm label, which features Brandtson, Pop Unknown, Camber, Cross My Heart, the Appleseed Cast and most of the other bands on its roster, and proves that emo is indeed awesome

Various (2003)

Deep Elm Unreleased No 2
Strong-as-always compilation from the Deep Elm label, featuring unreleased tracks by some of its leading bands

Various (2003)

Too Young To Die
Youth suicide prevention charity sampler album of non-exclusive tracks from Deep Elm label , which "offers something for practically every type of indie rock fan" as well as supporting a good cause

Various (2004)

Emo Diaries, Chapter 10-the Hope I Hide Inside
Splendid farewell CD in Deep Elm's long-running 'The Emo Diaries' series, which both showcases some of the current bands on their roster, and also introduces several new ones

Various (2002)

Emo Diaries Chapter 8
Perhaps one of the "best compilations " to date yet in Deep Elm's regular and much acclaimed 'Emo Diaries' series

Various (2002)

Emo Diaries 7 - Me Against The World
Latest release in the Deep Elm label's 'Emo Diaries' series, which serves as an "excellent" introduction to bands soon to appear on the label's roster

Various (2002)

Unreleased No 1
Impressive collection of never before heard songs from ten of the bands on Deep Elm, "the world's premier emo label"


Interview (2004)

Miscellaneous - Interview

One of independent musics greatest success stories, Deep Elm have developed a reputation over the last five years as a label to be constantly relied upon. Publicist Chuck Daley talks to Ben Howarth about why Deep Elm is far more than an 'emo' label.

Profile (2004)

Miscellaneous - Profile

Often seen as the world's definitive emo label, Deep Elm have recently released a free sampler, 'This is How I Kill my Tears'. Ben Howarth looks at how much the label has progressed in the seven years since it first formed

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