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Burns Out Bright - Distance And Darkness

  by Benjamin Howarth

published: 3 / 3 / 2004

Burns Out Bright - Distance And Darkness
Label: Deep Elm
Format: CDS


Excellent debut EP from Burns Out Bright, which proves to be "an unashamed return to the classic emo-core" that gave their label Deep Elm its reputation

Of late, Deep Elm – often characterised as the emo label – has been moving in a more art-rock orientated direction, with more recent signings Settlefish, Logh, Lewis moving away from the hardcore of old. Progression is not a bad thing, of course, but it still feels gloriously right to hear Burns Out Bright’s debut release for the label, an unashamed return to the classic emo-core that gave the label its great reputation. The band’s music draws the listener in from the word go, with a combination of honest yearning vocals, powerful riffs and some pretty melodies. Each of the six songs on this EP stands on its own, a sign that the band’s intense live activity has paid off, but I must single out the infectious fifth track “Something I Can Steal” for special praise. Deep Elm may have lost their two best bands – the Appleseed Cast and Brandtson – to other labels recently, but Burns Out Bright prove that hope is not lost. And, as the liner notes say, “this is only the beginning…” Keep your eyes open for Burns Out Bright!

Track Listing:-
1 Crowded Streets, Empty Skies
2 Our Proudest Moments
3 Watership Down
4 Something I Can Steal
5 Twenty-Two
6 Prodigal

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Save Yourself A Lifetime (2006)
Disappointing , unremarkable hardcore on first album from Burns out Bright, which follows on from their debut EP 'Distance and Darkness' of a couple of years ago

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